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The BCR is an alt version of the Black Panthers melded with Chinese communists Funny my wife said last night she thought this series might empower crackpots as opposed to being a whew I am glad they lost. It does serve as a warning that evil elements such as the original comment poster are alive and well and we need to be vigilant. What i wonder is why the "clean them out" comment people on this board care so much as to want to go through the hassle to kill people who are different from them. The idea of our Declaration and Constitution was a live and let ethos. Of course as the BCR Bell points out in the hacked NAZI TV scene that the constitution was way ahead of the curve and tolerated slavery and women not voting for a long time. I suppose all big ideas are visions that may take time and struggle to realize. Respecting other peoples rights to do as they please so long as they do not impinge upon your rights (Libertarianisnism) does not mean you have to do what they do or even agree with them. For example, I do not use recreational drugs but I am pro legalization because of the libertarian ethos points I made above. The gay characters are there for the same reason the jewish characters are there. The Nazis gassed them also. Plus it points out hipocricy and self hatred of the Nazis as top planner of the final solution Reinhard Heydrich was gay and of course Hitler was part Jewish. I think you are wrong on the lobby point. All of the persecuted groups of the Nazis are repped out. Since there were no Gypsies (also gassed) in North America they were replaced by all non Aryans which included blacks, Native Americans, and mixed race in the phase 5 plans uncovered by Helen in season 4 near the end. The series is extremely expensive to produce. Initially it was an edgy out there series that gained attention and subscribers for Amazon prime. But ratings dropped after first season and new competition from Disney changed priorities. They tried to kill it after S3 but I think Ridley Scott who us very powerful in Hollywood convinced them to try to tie a bow on it and end it. It easily can go on but I think it was a decent ending. Now sometimes things are canceled and take a life of its own in syndication or viral pass along such as Star Trek and be revived at some point. I have no inside knowledge and this is opinion only. View all replies >