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A real prick in School Ties Is Kowalski still crying over this? Top 3 songs? Miracle on Ice team appears at Trump rally One of the better Bonds Got his ass handed to him Beat the s**t out of Wilder Police: Couple forced boys off road, angered by Trump flags He was not only the Hair Club president, but also a client Too much of a whiny bitch to be a leader View all posts >


TDS is not curable. It is treatable with medications but no cure has been found. Guy can't win either way. He's been buried for awhile now. Yes. And you responded to it. Thank you. Germans were said to love David Hasslehoff. Do they love this guy? The nation was at work while unemployed rabid fans sat home eating bon bons and crying over a guy they never met. Black in black Flick of the switch Highway to hell Touch too much Night prowler He's "white." He's only a Jew when he does something good. When a Jew does wrong, they're called white. He's always been bad. Right from the time he played a slob on the Fox NFL pregame to The Man Show and now his low rated late night show. Horrible. Never liked the guy. He had troll Jimmy Kimmel speaking at his memorial. What an embarrassment. I'm suppose to take a troll like Kimmel seriously when he fake cries? View all replies >