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Sofia Black D'Elia Detective Chinatown 3 just made 397 million in its opening weekend What do you think about a movie involving a demented cult leader who orders his followers to kill rich and famous people in Hollywood? Is Birds Of Prey any good? What would it take to drive you insane? Who killed who in the opening scene is so obvious If you offered a celebrity 10 or 20 million dollars to have sex with you, you think they would take it? Have you ever known someone who just "tells it like it is?" I wanna cry but I just can't What if there was a celebrity serial killer? View all posts >


Everything McClane did would fall under some reasonable definition of self-defense Because McClane may have very well surrended and then that'd be the end of the movie Wrong. The answer is 23. Because our universe is predetermined (I know this for a fact because of numerology) and our simulator(s) obviously prefer it to be this way. They're assholes, I guess The Shield (underrated drama that should be required viewing for anyone who loves dramas) The Wire (actually the first season was my favorite, but seasons 3 & 4 closely match it in quality) Breaking Bad It's annoying when they call someone "mentally unstable" just because they behave erratically or make them uncomfortable Yeah, but blink and you'll miss it: Nice butt on her They actually admitted on the director's commentary that they didn't put any thought into who was killing who or who was doing what in which scene (beyond the obvious, of course.) Definitely. The fact that they tell Sidney that same thing at the end ("If you get it wrong you die, and if you get it right, you die!") is aclear indication that they were planning to kill Casey no matter what. Netflix is a pretty big deal nowadays. More people will probably see it on Netflix than they would in theaters (especially with the pandemic going on.) View all replies >