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Help! Anyone has the Bill Gates spoof The Matrix short film? The most unrealistic movie I have ever seen. Isn't this rip-off Quantum Break? Rip off Kramer vs. Kramer. Too many CGI, hate it. When I watch this movie, it keeps reminding me of Blade Runner 2049. Can you use LOVE as radio wave ? If this movie doesn't bomb at boxoffice, I will very surprise. Watch this let me want to eat bacon. View all posts >


Love Snatch, though Aladdin and Holmes(first one) are okay, but this is just boring, the same level to King Arthur. Why? Roger Ebert is the most famous critic, but the movies he wrote suck. 1. " you have no idea what the depth is" They don't know either. 2. This is not BTTF. This is quite a long answer to "I can do to cows, you can't do to cats." I would rather watch "something different" than "shameless ripoff New Hope". 8 is better than 7 and 9. He's better than Jar Jar Abrams. 1. Didn't you see the clip I post, they aren't near shore. 2. I've a better idea, if you can "morse code" a complex formula into watch, how about when she still young living in that room, code this: "hey, I've a physics formula can save your ass, right now you might not understand, but keep study, one day you will figure out." Is this first time you watch Disney movie? It's in stipulation, Disney movie must have useless cute sidekick to sell toy: Frozen's Olaf. Didn't you see Tom Hardy's arm? It's super big! One punch will kill Charlize Theron. Yep, a love letter to daughter, but not to the son! It isn't love work, it's black hole work! 1. Just because it doesn't kill you, it's ok? Would you let me Taser and punch you? 2. You still don't understand what I say, she doesn't need go to the room, when she in the house, push the books, it will makes noise. View all replies >