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Is Lebron the next Marlon Brando? The worst lead actor ever Couldn't even knock down a youtuber STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE! Black single father? I knew the black guy was gonna die... Chris Rock sounds like he's doing stand-up She will become suicidal at some point Has no chance to beat Avatar box office gross now I could hardly recognize Josh Hartnett View all posts >


That's original. Tom Brady is not more famous than Lebron. Definitely not outside of the US. Are you Roberto Mancini's mom? Your name reinforces my suspicion. And Tokyo Drift doesn't? Tokyo Drift feels the most B movie-esque in the entire franchise. If i'm right infront of something, I can still hear it even though there's loud background noise. Like talking to someone at a club. And heavy breathing is even louder than a heartbeat, they would hear that. They would hear the breathing too. A kitchen timer sounds like its playing on cinema speakers to them, they would be able to hear a heart beat and breathing if a human is literally inches away from them. The kitchen timer was super loud to them though, if they can hear everyday sounds from what seems a mile away, they would definitely hear a heart beat standing right infront of a human being. You can disagree all you want, but the consensus is it was a more critically acclaimed performance than anything Maggie has done. The point is, if they're even similar in acting prowess, then Basinger is the better fit since she's significantly more attractive. Who says a woman needs to be attractive to be Batman's love interest? How about every Batman movie and comic book ever. Next you're going to say Bond girls don't need to attractive. Now I know you're just reaching and getting desperate in this argument. Your analogy of Costner and Hitchcock is nonsensical. Costner only ever made one movie which was nominated or won an Oscar. It was an anomaly. Hitchcock was nominated for Best Director 5 times and a further 50 nominations for his movies overall. His movie Rebecca also won Best Picture. Your analogy of Amy Adams is also stupid, because she has at least had 6 nominations. Maggie has simply had 1 nomination. That's it. And she looks like dog meat compared to Basinger. Like I said, if they're even close in talent, Basinger's looks puts her way over the top. I hate to break it to you bud, but this is all opinion. You are not offering facts either. You saying Maggie is a better actress is also opinion. However, Pfeiffer's performance being more iconic than Hathaway's is a fact. Yes, Ledger's Joker is nothing like the Joker in the comics. He plays a generic criminal who wears face paint (face paint was never an explanation for his white skin) and goes on about his scars like he's a child abuse victim. This was nowhere in the comics prior to this movie. Also he doesn't even use gag weapons. This is one of his signature traits in the comics. Again, stop fanboying and being inconsistent with your arguments. Either being faithful to the comics is a good thing or a bad thing, you can't jump in and out when it suits your argument. Ledger only won the Oscar because he died. Pity win. You can't convince me otherwise. He practically won it before the movie even came out. Phoenix gave a great performance and deserved his win, but that was barely a comic book movie. It was an arthouse movie with the Joker name slapped on the title to sell tickets. Not in the same category of Batman 89 or even The Dark Knight. And don't put words in my mouth, I never said Oscars were the be all end all, I said it was the differentiating factor between Basinger and Maggie, neither of whom are exactly Meryl Streep. They're close enough but Basinger is significantly better to look at. Dude, I think you are arguing with yourself at this point. YOU are the one who brought up faithfulness to the comics, not me. I just pointed out the hypocrisy in your arguments. Nolan's movies are NOT faithful the comics in many fundamental ways. Your arguments are dishonest and wildly inconsistent. All of those he fought out of their prime. De La Hoya was on his way out, Canelo was still green, and Pacquiao he fought 5 years too late. He cherry picked and only fought them when there was the least risk. View all replies >