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Lalin's doin' thirty years in Attica, man. Ray Winstone's accent is garbage This is basically Batman: No Way Home AWFUL british accents G.I. Jane 2... Where's the Quantum and where's the Solace? Got bored in 10 minutes His movies have horrible pacing Where can you watch this? View all posts >


LOL at not in all shots. The impossibly high standards are laughable, especially considering every woman you've ever been with probably looks worse than Kim Basinger's dirty soles. Literally none of the main cast are unattractive. You have to go all the way down to Commisioner Gordon to find an unconventionally unattractive actor and he's hardly seen in the movie. Dumbass. You wanna see unattractive go watch The Dark Knight with Maggie Gyllenhaal fuglying it up. Kim Basinger's asshole is more attractive than her face. That's part 3 you dunce.'s just poorly written. I doubt the director told him to come across like a clueless retard. That would've been good too. Harrison Ford or Bruce Willis would've been great. Are you a producer for the movie? The second one was fucking shit. Piers Morgan could be 7ft and it wouldn't make him anymore attractive. Dude is ugly as sin. I don't think there's a single woman that would take Piers over Justin. Are you completely blind? I criticised his performance in this movie specifically, I said nothing about his overall career. Jackass. Pachanga my fav character in the movie. Wish he killed Benny Blanco. View all replies >