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Most overrated actor of his generation? Is Jason Statham trying to do an American accent here? Robert Duvall's wife in this movie is cancer Boring art style Is Kathryn Newton supposed to be ugly in this? As flawed as it is, it is genuinely scary How did John David Washington get this role? Tom Hanks not convincing as a gay man at all We better not see her in female roles anymore... 41 minutes in and it's still pretty much the exact same movie View all posts >


He just doesn't have a leading man look, he wouldn't be able to carry a movie. Someone's jealous. I think the eggs are meant to be symbolic of 'Solid' Snake and 'Liquid' Snake as one is really runny. Still my favorite game 23 years later. Valeria is way hotter. Ana looks kinda trashy at times. JDW isn't 1/10th the actor his father is. No presence or charisma at all. Agreed, she was stupidly hot in her prime. This is the most off kilter post i've ever read. It's like saying Alan Rickman was miscast in Die Hard. Oldman is the best thing about this movie. Lmao iconic my ass. Pfeiffer's Catwoman is iconic, Hathaway not so much. Lay off the drugs pal. View all replies >