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It's weird seeing that there's no movies in theaters on this website. Life Is Strange Any Movies where the guy lives? View all posts >


Chick Flick: Never Been Kissed Dude Flick: All Three Rush Hour movies Yes I do, in my opinion the best year of music in general is 1999. Maybe two weeks tops. A dozen of hot fresh glazed Krispy Kreme donuts. Even if you didn't know, it wouldn't be all that surprising anyways. I've heard that the other ending David Chase was going to use is Tony going a meeting with Johnny Sack and him going through the tunnel and everything turning black, assuming he died there. I used to get annoyed (And I still do from time to time) whenever something like what you're mentioning happens to me online, but I honestly just blow it off and say that it's just a person who I don't even know in real life, so why should I care what they think. Australia, I'm itching to be on that side on the world again. They might get work in voice acting, but as of like physical acting it would probably be over for them. It looks the 60's all over again with these riots, all these events just prove that history just repeats itself over and over again. It's sickening what happened to George Floyd, and every other victim of police brutality. I mean Cartoon Network has Boomerang and they could do something like that, and NickTeen kinda has the rerun thing you're talking about. I honestly wish they had a channel strictly for this type of stuff, since Boomerang has lost their way and The Splat is only at night. View all replies >