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Yeah I’m starting to think there should be a new hashtag trending #NotMyWalker Joe Biden will be the president in the film. They definitely need to get away from the “let’s have Michael Myers kill a bunch of people for no reason” premise with these films. On my most recent rewatch of the entire series this past Halloween season I found the sequels that explore the mystery surrounding Michael Myers and his almost yin-yang conflict with Loomis to be the most interesting since they were more than just Michael going on a murder spree. I would like to see future films either return to the more supernatural/psychological aspects of previous entries or do something totally different, like Halloween III. It wasn’t as “woke” as I expected it could have been but still definitely not the over-the-top fun escapism of the original Walker series. Too focused on family drama and trying to weaken Walker as a character (ie making him have a drinking problem, not being there for his kids, look goofy/dumb compared to his female partner). Alejandro Jodorowsky is almost 92 years old, so slightly older, and still makes quality films. How are we going to see his face or hear his voice other than possibly his mask being destroyed in battle? This movie feels like a spiritual sequel to Richard Linklater’s Tape since both have the same cast, camcorder-quality video, and similar settings (motel, apartment). I think it’s the same singer from the Black Lodge at the end of Season 2 of Twin Peaks Yeah, the camcorder style gives it a very “real” feel to it like I’m witnessing someone’s home videos. Various aspects of the film like how the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion represent the first 3 degrees of Freemasonry and in another interpretation they represent the different types of gay culture. Also how the Wizard and the Emerald City represent the American political system. How Oz as Dorothy’s dream opens up to a Freudian interpretation of the characters and events. How Oz characters represent the industries that make up the US economy. There are several more! View all replies >