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They dont make them like this anymore Where was John McClane Thing is nanomachines? Smartest thing Columbo did Guest stars if Columbo kept going I prefer mature women Some great visual scenes I laughed like crazy I love her video Why no page for the movie itself? View all posts >


Why not? If both adults consent. The only crime here is she didnt fuk me too. She is there but dressed as traditional italian village wife, she is cleaning and working for our director. A replacement for his mother, in fact the whole scene ties to when he was a child and women were bathing him and taking care of him. The basis of comparison line is clever and wise indeed. I wouldnt go that far, it had Dance baby dance and very creative visuals and costume designs plus 16 y old J Conely is fine piece of ass. Im joking not joking here. In the flashback she makes a sex face and a smile, but that didnt happen in original scene. Im no expert but if she is attractive i will lick that pussy like a lesbian There are exotic humans in Lord of the rings, from the east. They sided with Sauron and work with orcs. Tryin to end dat white privelege lol. To be fair Tolkien did write it was a terrible thing to fight other humans in that war and something to be regretted. Well educated people sometimes support morons too. Trump is a stupid guy. Im not saying he is evil, he might do some good or have good intentions but he is really not fit to be a president of USA. I am from Croatia and my friend likes Trump a lot. My friend is racist. Could be just a coincidence. Yipikay yey madafaka. But no, Marcelus prob wouldnt save Bruce Willis, he had a grudge. On the other hand his hatred of those gay rapists might have trumped that and he would beat on them first chance he gets so he saves Butch like that. I see it as its own thing, future gens will like prequels or sequels better or sequel sequels or remmakes View all replies >