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Some great visual scenes I laughed like crazy I love her video Why no page for the movie itself? Best scene One of the most racist movies of all time Burton's Batman is cooler than Joker Things Burton did better than Nolan I am not against the remake Movie is not great but not bad View all posts >


I mean guy in psycho also wore a dress and killed people, he identified as the ghost of his mother. I have seen some guys act more normal than most people while also being gay and trans and if that is their fetish then good for them. I wil still call them men living out their sexual lifestyle because that is what it is. Well men are just better at certain mental tasks on average, which is logical since it was required that men be really good at hunting or fighting and planning. It was a difference between life and death. I am a bad driver but if you are not driving fast it shouldnt be a problem, you have enough time to slow down, brake or change direction. My dad gave me a good advice, when your foot is not on the gas keep it above the brakes. It is usually kept discreet. We have a saying in croatia that goes like this: After fucking, no backtracking. He is underrated as an actor because most movies hire him to just play himself. Watch him in Jackie Brown, that is the completely different character and acting than in Pulp Fiction, same as in Django Unchained or Unbreakable. But his voice and speaking pattern is similar in all movies I will give you that. However his way of acting out the character with his eyes and emotion is different it is like Samuel can feel the characters emotions when he takes the role seriously. People dont understand this is an excellently made movie with oscar worthy soundtrack, sets and costumes. With renowned classic actors such as James Earl Jones. Also direction and cinematography are top. The only silly things about the movie is the fact it is fantasy and Arnolds accent, everything else is better than 99 percent of films ever made. Better than most oscar winning films but snobs will never realize it. Nice cchannel I am pretty sure in some futuristic designs batman has full armor on, like Batman bbeyond but you cant beat the classic look Hello, my name is Mr Crowbar and this here is my friend. Who is also a crowbar. View all replies >