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[Hey lady, wanna delete my post?] [This post has been deleted because it kept talking about the HEAT.] It didn't help that Taxi Driver was released very early in 1976 and was already a little over a year old by the time of the Oscars in early spring 1977 that honored the films of 1976. What shocks me is that Schrader only received his first Oscar nomination (for writing First Reformed) a couple of years ago after decades of stellar work. Hahahaha. "Taxi Driver 2: Pittsburgh." Scorsese can de-age De Niro and Foster. ;) I wonder if Ordell had her dress that way just for the exchange. She's not that way in the scene at the Compton house. It's the "meaningless" conversations in QT films that make them so good. I'm intrigued about The Hampshire Buttery. Is the reason Palfrey doesn't want to take April there because it's a stuffy and old-fashioned place? 24 times to be exact. It's the 20th ring that probably drives most people up the wall: DeNiro picks up the receiver and we think, "Finally! No more ringing!," only for there to be four more as he phones the police. Brilliant! General Ripper is impotent. I think it's time for Burton and Depp to make "Coleman Francis." View all replies >