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"Building up motivation?" Really? Were we watching the same movie? Jealous woman trope. Avaricious conman trope. How about *why* they were like that? Why they made the choices they made? Where's the kid's mom? Why does he care so much about the kid at the end - they spent almost NO time together up to that point other than the kid playing around in the office and being mostly ignored. Minerva dropped some files and had lunch with Diana. That's not character development or establishing motivation. That's lazy film-making. Re: the mall scene: I know, right? Since when is Wonder Woman Spiderman???? The CGI was worse than cheesy and FFS, if it takes her that long to bring down a few thugs... I mean how many times did she have to re-re-re-re-subdue the baddies? SMDH. In terms or story and editing, it was without a doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen. WAAAY too much time spent on things that really didn't matter and no time at all on providing back story to any character except WW. The director was just throwing stale stereotypes at us and hoping (I guess) that we "get it" rather than actually, you know, providing motivation for the characters. And for a 2020 film, the effects were *terrible*. And as others have said just impossible leaps belief suspension like Steve Trevor can fly a modern jet.... Thank god I had other things to do while watching it so it wasn't a COMPLETE waste of a couple of hours and even more thankful I didn't see this turd in a theater. Actually high-altitude mountaineers (which she and her husband are, not technical rock climbers which are erroneously depicted in Cliffhanger) lose an incredible amount of weight on expeditions to high peaks. There's not enough oxygen for the body to adequately metabolize food plus staying warm and alive requires huge amounts of energy. If her husband was just back from an expedition, it's totally believable that he'd be emaciated. TBF, I haven't seen that episode yet however. Yeah this is kind of a sub-type of the flaw in 99.99% of horror films that is parodied in the recent Geico commercial ("No, let's go hide behind the chainsaws!") i.e. some character does (or doesn't do) something so unbelievably stupid that is strains suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. In the case of "Evil" (which I *REALLY* want to like), why doesn't she immediately tell her mother that Leland stole her session file and lied to try to send a kid to prison for life. That would be enough for ANY sane and loving parent to stop seeing someone like Leland. Also why didn't she tell David about her problems with Leland? Super frustrating because there's much to like in the rest of the series. There are plenty of other ways to maintain the dramatic tension without cheaply resorting to very smart characters doing really dumb things. SMDH. Totally agree. I don't see how ANY of them could have passed a psych eval individually nevermind as a team. Emma is also a *terrible* leader who would never have been put in command of the mission (and I have exactly zero problems with women in leadership roles). And that's apart from the ridiculous lapses in proper mission planning and risk management. The supply ship would DEFINITELY have been sent first. The backup water system would have had the same, full capacity as the primary and a critical system like that would have probably had a second backup especially given the duration of the mission. Since the craft was built on the moon, weight limits a much less significant. And that doesn't even count the physically impossible plan for them to rendezvous with the second supply ship. There's no way they were carrying enough fuel to lose all their slingshot velocity then re-accelerate enough to match velocity with the supply ship. Completely absurd and basic astrodynamics. She was super hot in Dressed to Kill as well! Yum! There were certainly fails in this film such as the pop-culture pandering Legolas-skate-boarding-down-the-Oiliphant <rolleyes>, excluding the Battle of the Shire and the absurdly over-long epilogue, but I gotta say the charge of the Rhoirrim brings tears to my eyes every time. Of course it also helps that my favorite scene since the book days has always been Eowyn's "I am no man!" I thought, given the long setup for all of the other "requests," that the jump to fellatio was rather abrupt too. On the other hand, the Becky character was pretty well psychologically broken down by that point (and I thought Ms. Walker did an excellent job of conveying that by her facial expressions, posture, etc.) and most her are probably correct the guy, at least subconsciously, just wanted "permission" to get blown by a hot 17 year-old. Tried watching this and really wanted to like it, but it's without a doubt the least funny "comedies" I've ever seen and that's going a loooong way. The premise is just beyond unbelievably stupid. There is indeed some hint of this ability in the much-deservedly-loathed prequels. Palpatine seduces Anakin by telling him that Darth Plaugeus could "even defeat death." If that ain't healing, I don't know what is. Turns out he wasn't just making it up to turn Anakin - though it sounds like a Sith ability which is problematic with a Jedi using it. View all replies >