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I thought she was at least 65, but now, looking back, her age doesn't surprise me. As a kid, you don't think about the reality of movies and television. But as an adult, I realized that Mrs. Deagle's character at that age is not uncommon. Whitman Mayo (Grady on "Sanford and Son") and Estelle Getty (Sophia on "The Golden Girls") wore makeup and prosthetics as well, as their respective characters were much older. If you mean the physical act, none that I know of. But it was implied in the following TV shows: - In the pilot episode of "The Wonder Years" (set in 1968, so close enough), Kevin Arnold was about to get a beating from his father, until Kevin's sister tearfully approached them with bad news: their neighbor Winnie Cooper's brother, Brian, was killed in Vietnam. - "Growing Pains": Ben Seaver called a phone sex hotline and then lied to his father about last month's $216 phone bill by putting the blame on a neighborhood kid for giving out the number. The kid attempted, but failed, to sit on the Seavers' living room couch, thanks to the consequences his butt suffered from his dad after Ben lied. - "Married With Children": Too many to recall, mostly with Al Bundy's baseball bat. Wow! I never realized that. Makes sense when you look at Luke Perry in the opening credits of the final two seasons. Not only has he aged by that point, but his signature hairstyle was gone, and his hands were in his pockets. In his defense, Brian Austin Green had his hands in his pockets, too, but was also smiling. It was as if Luke didn't seem to care anymore and was just there to feed his family, which I can understand, since the series had already worn out its welcome at that point. It's kind of sad when you think about it, because not only does nothing last forever, but it will soon be on its last legs before the unfortunate. I know. It's just a figure of speech, as I'm well-aware that Luke was a vital contribution to the cast, as well as the cash cow back when the series was in its prime (Mattel 90210 dolls and so forth). Although, I don't recall him being asked to return. From what I understand, he asked to return because he needed more money. That makes sense, since television is steady work, as opposed to movies where you're employed and unemployed back and forth. View all replies >