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Anybody here actually been diagnoised with Co-Vid19? TV Shows where a secondary character quickly or slowly overtook the show? ** ** `BATMAN RETURNS' SOARS TO BOX-OFFICE RECORD Best Horror Movie Ever! No Kitty...Did anybody here actually vote for him? Mondale/Reagan Did anybody actually here vote for him? FYI: Hey, I got 100,000 in a rally and lost 49 states! View all posts >


The Ghost of Tom Joad Dancing In The Dark Badlands And another... Millie Bobby Brown **Stranger Things** YW 1. Henry Winkler **Happy Days** 1974-1984 [ABC] 2. Ken Osmond **Leave It To Beaver** 1957-1963 [CBS/ABC] 3. Homer Simpson **The Simpsons** 1989- [FOX] 4. Neil Patrick Harris **How I Met Your Mother** 2005-2014 [CBS] 5. Joey Lawrence **Blossom** 1990-1995 [NBC] 6. Jalell White **Family Matters** 1989-1997 [ABC/CBS] 7. Mille Bobby Brown **Stranger Things** 2016- [Netflix] 8. Walton Goggins **Justified** 2010 - 2015 - [FX] 9. Jonathan Brandis **Seaquest DSV** 1993-1996 [NBC] I thought of another... Joey Lawrence (Blossom) NETWORK: Peacock. NBC+Universal You can add it free to most streaming devices now. I intentionally left that one out. lol... Excellent choice! Good job! i have ni what this is... I'll be so glad when this old man ugly looking guy is no longer trending. Well that's something...your certainly not the only one. View all replies >