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I like how Marco Rubio made fun of his small hands... View all posts >


Stinky smelly Trump pigs. Trump had covid and lost the election. DM for sure. And still selling Trump made ties NOT in the U.S. but in C.H.I.N.A covid part of world. Beer belly Trump animals spreading diseases like animals. Filthy pigs... So many dead in Brazil :( Vibrant Paris again in lockdown. Everyone is lying. The virus has gone away and box office theater owners are proving it. Donald Trump is now dying and could be arrested on rape charges: I mean it doesn't matter that the Hardee's manager didn't ACTUALLY pull the brain and heart AWAY from the once LIVING on EARTH CREATURE. Yes, it ONCE had two eyes, two ears and 1 heart. And a family. But that was awhile ago on "Animal Farm". And your a gal on the go with very little money... So you can see how delivered dead animals in a brown bag for less than $5.00 can somehow upset the OP over anti-militia jokes on an Internet message boards. This is what happens while low on money and chasing flies in the living rooms. And also why the universe keeps expanding... But she makes a good point. Maybe we should be talking more about movies than Donald Trump or Joe Biden. And delivered in a bag. While driving in Alabama. View all replies >