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Intimidated by fellow capitalization rebels? 2014 1998 I'm sure the others are current though! 不不不不不 Because if a group of heavily armed <b>black </b>folks stormed the statehouse the outcome would be very different...Do you honestly not understand that? When the police won't take you and you're too scared to join the army, there's always make-believe! And I dunno about 'skinheads', but that's white privilege in a nutshell right there... Just call it Donald. "robust physique" Bwahahahahahahahaha! 不不不不不不不不不不 Thanks for the chuckle! haha no posts today? did I hurt your feelings? Chloe Well, that month of record growth has thus far only managed to erase 50% of the total loss, so I suppose we shall see... View all replies >