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I love pretty boys Many older women are hot. seethe self hating swede I love being Caucasian and European. Most of the world agrees that beauty is white and anything else is just a cope. the most beautiful and graceful women at any age are European especially Northern. Modern Swedes are known for their self-loathing and lack of pride. The European hatred online is disgusting and everywhere. I am proud to be of European descent. All gorgeous European/Caucasian nationalities do the same for any race. tall women, tall people in general are more healthy and attractive. children have wrinkles. the bigger pelvis, the better chance at good offspring. short women lack that advantage. pregnancy is riskier for them. indigenous asians and americans and africans dont look good or youthful. Thank you. For once you are sane. no asians are the least sexually dimorphic race. they are androgynous. the women are shapeless and wide in the waistline. they have small pelvic bones. I personally know older American and European men who were married to asian women and their lives were a living hell with them. asian women are demanding and domineering. Scandinavian women are the most feminine and beautiful. European in general are the most beautiful race universally, both sexes. Most Latin women don’t look like Selena. They usually have obesity. That’s not how that works. Puberty is gradual. She is not fully developed and teenage pregnancy is a death sentence in nature. My grandfather never saw corona DMX was a hoe with talent doe bruh you’re porno guy, right? maybe speedball No, Edward is a much better actor. He was relevant in the naughties too I take that you are genuinely intellectually disabled for not accepting that people have different taste. Go give Nolan a rub from me.