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Ah, my bad. I thought IMDB made a mistake, but I just searched for pics of the actor and sure enough, you're right - Gabrielle Tinti's definitely the guy who played the good guy, not the rapist. So her hubby wasn't lying on top of an under-aged girl... but apparently Haris Tryfonas was. I'll edit my comments above to reflect this. Anyway, we still have a movie with extensive under-aged nudity and a nude rape scene, and Gemser and her co-stars were surely aware of this - did they think it was all right?!? Child nudity does not equal child porn - context matters. You're forgetting that prosecuting somebody for owning a copy of Pretty Baby would perforce draw everyone involved with the movie (director, producers, distributors, and sellers of the DVD) because if the film is child porn that necessarily implicates them (and begs the question of why they, too, are not being prosecuted), so that you can pretty much bet your behind that the big corporations associated with the film would rigorously defend the buyer in court, and would have the money to hire a "dream team" that would wipe the mat with the prosecution team. Prosecutors know this - which is why you never see anybody prosecuted for owning a film containing child nudity if the film was made by or is sold by a huge corporation. Soooo.... where are the prosecutions of the director, cast, Brooke's mother, the producers, distributors, theatre-owners, and sellers of the DVD, hmm? Yes, you can, in both those scenes. People have created slo-mo and freeze-frames of the tub scene, and you unequvocably see her pubic cleft. In the couch scene it is harder to spot but still there, and not a shadow (if it were, amazing how that shadow just happens to make a line that looks just like her pubic cleft...) Except in this case any prosecution would effectively implicate the producers, distributors and sellers, which includes huge corporations that would be obliged to defend their reputations and would have to come to the defense of the person being prosecuted - and they could afford lawyers that would rip the prosecutors a new one. There's no way in hell those companies would lose the case. You see her chest a lot, you see her buns at least once (when she is thrown out of a room and tries to get back in), and you see her full-frontal twice, once during a bath scene when she stands up to grab a towel, and again lying sideways on a couch being photographed by Belloq. Violence? He said underaged nudity in Schinlder's List. The movie has been sold on DVD on sites like Amazon and in big-name stores - I saw it once in the bargain DVD bin at Wal-Mart. None of these business have been targeted for stings by police nor have any of the buyers been arrested for possession of it. View all replies >