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Season 4 - spoilers Minor, but major plot hole (Spoiler - blacked out) Think many that have negative reviews of this film just don't get it..... Soft White Underbelly YouTube Channel..... Suggestions for better movie sites than MC? I'm curious - are there so many boring people at an entertainment site that must keep bringing in politics?? She is really good in The Bay..... Does menacing so well..... Even with complaints, not too bad of a show.... For all the great actors - a horrible movie.... View all posts >


Don t worry, jr, someday you just might get to feel a real female breast....too bad it will probably be on a ewe.... For other episodes. And I just love you little inconsiderate punks that bitch when called out on their BS. Just put the word spoiler in your subject line and quit being an ass. I ve seen it, so how about being a bit courteous to others that haven t. Just how long does it take to type the word "spoiler"?. How about adding "spoiler" next time. Not every one has seen the show yet.... Oh, you are so witty.....enjoy kindergarten, jr.... How about posting this shit over at RightWingNuttery or Men with SPS (small pecker syndrome)... Then move along.... I'm sort of like you and the cooks in the kitchen. I wonder if maybe Gibson played a large role in that, too. It's like there is a really good movie in here but something knocked it off track. Which is kind of surprising because the director's other movies are pretty good. Nine out of ten scientific researchers have found if you talk about other people being into "buttstuff" then there is 100 percent chance that person is also not only into "buttstuff" but gerbils as well.... It's a "channel" on the free YouTube. If you go there and just type in Soft White Underbelly, it will pull up the interviews, then you can subscribe to the change. It's not on YouTube tv. I would suggest there are interviews of some sort of about anyone's interest. View all replies >