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For those that have seen all three seasons... Thought Julie Hagerty miscast.....otherwise, a not too awful update... Four episodes in and while this is a good show, I'm wondering... Wow, not a single RIP? What is it about faux-iconoclastic trolls that love to piss on everyone's parade? His songwriting is completely underrated.... Seriously, (SPOILERS) don't waste your time, find some other show...full of overused cliches throughout... If you like this series, give Paris Police 1900 a try.... Can't believe not one post for this series... And please Donnie, if you lose the primaries, View all posts >


It is not that I require likable characters ( thanks for not asking - btw, THAT is snark), I just don't know if I want to invest 25 plus hours where each character is a vile ass and so far, each of these characters are nasty. The sad thing is characters can be both nasty and likable (look at Rip on Yellowstone). I like both the original OP's comments and yours and not to speak for the OP, but I agree with the criticism when it comes to the missing of a main theme of a movie when it is central to the entire movie, like many viewers have done with this movie. It is made clear what the protagonists in this movie were seeking and doing and there are many examples of this in real life - look at the Stockholm Syndrome and recall the murderous Canadian couple from the 70s or 80s. It is like the movie Whiplash and how so many viewers either missed out or ignored the dynamic relationship and what it meant between the main characters. Think you are going too deep here. For one thing, the purpose of her talking about being a woman was probably related to how comfortable she was becoming with Keith (what a great red herring he was) when she started thinking he was a caring individual. Next, I think people are missing the usage of Justin Long as the jerk. Over the years he has portrayed a lot of decent characters, in a way, he too was a red herring because he was playing against his typecast as it was revealed what an asshole he actually was. In other words, several of these non-woke, woke moments were just ways to propel the story forward. How about adding "spoiler" to your topic lines. What an idiot..... I'm with you - it's good to see him in a role where he doesn't play the sniveling turd. Also, I always wanted to see him play the son of Paul Newman in some sort of role. is called entertainment or fiction........I don't think it was supposed to be a 100 percent show based in factul reality.... What are you, like four years old???? You sure post a lot of moronic junk.... Why are you still watching it? You have been complaining about it for some time but here you are. Let people enjoy what the like. Tar is an obvious troll.... View all replies >