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About 1/3rd of the way through and....quite surprising... Come on! Not again.... Who do you think are some of the most chameleon like actors in flim and tv, young or old? Ignore the naysayers...quite the compelling limited series... Unreal that there are no comments..... Whew....just watched S1 Ep 1...... How many know.... What is so hilarious about the Woke crybabies is.....(SPOILER!!!) Just saw this....curious of so little attention.... Again, ignore the naysayers and especially the woke crybabies....GOOD Show... View all posts >


I was hoping for more comments and should have indicated that when I use the word "actor," I include all types and not just men. Here it is...the link to the harassment of the reporter... Just so you know, a reporter interviewed the woman and guess what happened next? She started stalking the reporter next. I'll add the link later to the specific article later (the site is in the history on my laptop). In the meantime, here is an article about her stalking of others. I think it would be interesting to re-visit Sid & Nancy after all these years. Also, I loved the horror of seeing him in the very first viewing of his portrayal in True Romance. Oh, you are so right about that Baby Reindeer part. And I did enjoy how after the series ended how it did humanize her and make her sympathetic rather than leave a narrative that she was just a lunatic. Also, the scene between him and his parents when his father spoke the one succinctly and profound sentence made me tear up with what his father replied to him. I agree With you about the actor that played Martha - she did an outstanding job. But I don't agree with your assessment of the real life stalker. I have known plenty of stalkers and they are not harmless people. Did you even watch the entire series? Your encapsulation seems to indicate otherwise. I have to ask - are viewers like you even watching the entire series before offering comments? I looked around a bit about this and the woman in this series is crazy and mentally ill and after one reporter interviewed her guess what happened? Yes, she started stalking the reporter. My point is, so many people that make all these comments are so lacking in sympathy when it comes to their behavior choices due to everything from insecurity to mental illness that it becomes such a bore when reading juvenile-like replies with little depth. This guy, through the series and in post-interviews, has clearly explained his decision making in ways that do make sense to those knowledgable about human behaviors and mental illnesses, but not so when it comes to the overwhelming public that lack such ability. Where did I suggest everything I "gathered" came only from the monologue? In fact, in my reply to your follow-up to my first posting, I mention other times how reveals what drives him. See above.... I can't recall every single fragment of information through the entire series and when each occurred time wise and it what episode. And as for your need for a specific "initial" trauma, there was no singular event, it was a series or a culmination from all aspects of his life that fed into his manipulated willingness to be groomed. And to refer to his behavior as "moronic" is too simplistic. In other words, it wasn't his "moronic" behavior that led him to be victimized, but his self-hate and loathing led to his "moronic" behavior that continued him down his destructive path. With this, I think I've had about all I've had to say on this subject. His issue was his own self-hate and self-loathing that developed from his birth to adulthood, and from what I gathered, found quite a bit of it based on his issues with his sexuality and how all of this dovetailed into him becoming a manipulated and groomed "willing" victim. Lastly, to me, anyone's victimization can and often does go way beyond "moronic" behavior. Calling it "moronic" is too simplistic and especially for this series. Not only that, he kept conducting his "moronic" behavior because it was almost in a way similar to that of one pursuing what one feels is their perceived self-fulfilling prophecy. Also, I'm not ignoring your supposed point, it's just that I feel I am wasting my time discussing trauma and victimization with one who does not fully appreciate how complex and dangerous it is and how often, for a variety of reasons, it is almost impossible for a person to control behavior many believe to be precipitated solely due to their bad decisions. And as I've previously typed, the reasons for his "moronic" behavior were clear to me and his behavior was clearly beyond the influences of simple "moronic" behavior. View all replies >