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The White Shadow or St. Elsewhere Kurt Bevacqua Took out Luke Campbell.... 0-4, 6.48 ERA 0-4, 6.48 ERA I need season 3.... Football questions.... Rip 1964-2020 Nice cameo in PCU KO 7 vs Szeremeta View all posts >


The Great White Hope (1970) -based on events of the life of early 20th century black heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson A very special mention to Downfall (2004) for a tremendously great performance by Bruno Ganz...and I don’t know how Edith Piaf stacks up historically, but Marion Cotillard’s excellent turn in La Vie En Rose (2007) is a favorite of mine.... Yep, that’s all I got, thanks for looking out, man....cheers Good times..... Oh you big mouth woman ......... Reggae...Marley, Jimmy cliff, tosh, that’s all I got, lol The way you look tonight, Sinatra <i> no first of spring, no song to sing...</i> I just called to say I love you, Stevie wonder Rise up , rise on, something like that Isn’t it “fuckin’ perfect”? Tuesday’s gone, skynyrd Good tune, is this your fave from skynyrd? Twilight zone, 2 unlimited View all replies >