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True, but Daniel was still willing to fight him (though arguably only when his protective instinct kicked in after Barnes showed that he was not averse to going after Jessica) and I somehow got the impression that LaRusso was not that scared of him until he had to face him in the tournament, more like he was tired of fighting and wasn't that motivated to further prove himself as a karate practitioner, thus regarding Barnes as a pest and an inconvenience rather than a huge threat. Also, it's possible that Barnes simply had a certain aura about him that from Daniel's standpoint made him appear more menacing than Chozen and Johnny. As for myself, I don't actually consider Barnes to be less skillful than Chozen and in some respects he is probably the most impressive of Daniel's opponents, though I would have been the most concerned (and admittedly fearful) if I had to face the Japanese guy, especially given the high likelihood of weapons being used. Chozen is much higher on the intimidation scale from my perspective. Well put, it's possible that he would have behaved in a nicer fashion if Kevin had fully explained the situation regarding how he got separated from his family. The concierge did seem extremely satisfied, even childishly gleeful when his suspicions that the credit card was stolen turned out to hold water. Yes, it could have been regarded as a plot hole if the film writers had not informed the audience that the Wet Bandits had escaped from jail. I also wonder whether Marley informed the police that they had tried inflicting physical harm on Kevin - such revelations would have presumably added a number of years to their initial sentence for the burglaries. Haha, these are also possibilities...though I have to say that Kevin didn't seem too annoying to me - he was never mean to others for the sake of it. I think that he was just a regular kid (with an exceptional ability to mastermind elaborate schemes). However, the concierge is certainly one of the more memorable characters in the movie. John Lovitz was the funniest from my standpoint...his delivery of the lines was always spot on and I am partial to scenes involving misunderstandings that have to do with history and politics (such as the ones at the Barbie museum and the exchanges with the aggressive female bikers). That's true - the attitude Curry's character displayed may have been reflective of his personality traits. He didn't seem like the type to mollycoddle guests (unless they were celebrities) and appeared irritable in his interactions with most other people, including his colleagues. Yes, no websites like Tripadvisor or Yelp in the 1990s! Except Buddy Revell! lol All joking aside, I initially assumed that Mitch Pileggi's character was simply a car guard at the school. However, he forcefully escorted Jerry to the Dean of Discipline's office and also tried to apprehend Revell once the final fight had started. I can't imagine that it's part of a parking lot security guy's duties to keep track of the movements of students and make sure that they are not skipping classes. It seems as if the Duker completely overstepped his authority during his first interaction with Mitchell. I agree! If this had happened in real life, Buddy would have most likely been suspended for a very long time (if not expelled) after the injury he inflicted on Craig Mattey in the library. What I also find surprising is that the security guard and the Dean of Discipline do not seem to know Jerry (even though he is a senior and writes for the school newspaper) and treat him as a potential criminal. Thanks, that's certainly a possibility...The bellhop Cedric was not too happy with the nature of the tip he received from Kevin. However, given that we are talking about a 5 star hotel, I think that the staff members are expected to be more professional and they shouldn't be desperate to supplement their income by relying on such gratuities. Maybe the concierge also felt slightly envious, as he didn't like the idea of a kid having all that cash at his disposal... Regarding the call to Robert Kennedy, it happened in real life as well, though some of the circumstances are slightly different. It's explained well here: "In the movie: Shirley gets out of jail by calling Attorney General Robert Kennedy. In reality: Shirley made the call, but he was never arrested." View all replies >