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Looks more like a reboot than Sequel Is her real name actually Lehua Reid? Is this guy friends with Sandler? Terrible Ned leeds The tv edits are hilarious This should be Mad Max like given the last movie's ending Is he the most tragic actor ever? They got Elektra wrong MCU has zero excuse not to make r rated movies Aged Terribly View all posts >


I hear she was a director or producer for an anime series That might be true but I saw an Anime series with a Song by a Korean Singer I love the series but i doubt it would work He was awesome as the deliciously evil Manny Fraker in Death Wish 3 I personally don't think its that great tbh Unless there is an active shooter cops can drag ass. I remember a story in Ohio. This young girl and her cousin were walking to a wendys a pimp abducted them. Somehow the young girls father found out where they were at drove to the address and called the cops waited for 20 mins and decided to go into the house with a weapon. After doing that a fight broke out outside a lot of neighbors witnessed it called the cops who still didn't arrive and they didn't get there til like 40 later. Nobody died but those stupid ass initially arrested the father initially after he was sent to the hospital but then dropped the charges. As bad as this movie is its not unrealistic You are a wrong she looks like she's on drugs. Kat Dennings has a better pic I wouldn't count Capt Marvel or the recent star wars movies both have mary sues. Liz banks likes them That was nothing. Gina Carano would have sold that better than this stick Tell that to your bf View all replies >