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looks terrible with short Scar Jo would have been a good Ms Marvel back then scar jo not using a Russian Accent Gwen Stefani Are we never gonna get Powergirl? would have been a perfect Wesker lance Reddick is Wesker shes writing a comic book where a female fights crime with armpit hair Do Zombies still exist in the lore? Spoilers View all posts >


Shes overpaid but if this lawsuit brings disney down so be it. Shes just another spoiled entitled brat but hey shes gonna bring the mouse down She peaked after Avengers 1 Kate Beckinsale is an uber feminist look at her IG. I liked Underworld, i avoid her these days If she looked like a wwe diva i might believe her. At least in underworld shes a bloodsucker They Got Jem, Scooby Doo, Xena, Andromeda, Steven Seagal, Van Damme Flicks. This month had candyman and final destination 5. Stick around you will find many movies worth your while I d argue Netflix has the worse content of all streaming services. A bunch of crappy sequels. Most of Their own orginal movies are terrible. If they have a good show they cancel it It's free. You have to make an account to save where you are but its free. Tubi is a breathe of freash air Netflix is trash and has it on a regular basis. I stick to tubi. Eveything has a comic even Star Trek and lots of horror movies whether it's good is another story Its not even about superhero movies. Most are trash. Marriage Story, Uncut gems etc. There is nothing to watch. I want escapism and variety which has been dead for years John Wick i have enjoyed The 2003 series was great. i m not shocked this was trash. Anytime we get something from 2010 or later its trash. Look at the modern games and Lara Croft. The last 3 star wars movies with Horsegirl. Captain Marvel too(I miss her ms marvel days). Birds of prey. Feminism is a plague. Never really been a big fan of Smith hes like Seth Rogen before Seth Rogen existed. I just stick to classic shows, movies, games and comics They got Heard and Gadot. View all replies >