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"WAAAAA!!!! DONNIE WAS FRAMED!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!" FBI looked for documents related to nuclear weapons at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Armed gunman threatens FBI building in Ohio and is killed in shoot out with police Iranian plot to kill John Bolton Who was/is the rat in The Trump Family Crime Foundation? Brain Dead Ted and Lobotomy Mike outwardly outraged regarding FBI raid on Dementia Donnie's Mar a Lago fleabag 9 years in a Russian penile colony 9 years in a Russian penile colony When Donnie said that he was tougher on Russia than anyone else Dementia Donnie wanted Pentagon Generals to be like nazi World War 2 generals View all posts >


The four phases of Dementia Donnie mentally retarded disciple’s Denial Syndrome: 1) Dementia Donnie never said that/did that 2) Donnie was framed!!! Donnie didn’t do nothin’ wrong! Donnie NEVER does nothin’ wrong! 3) Dementia Donnie might have said it/did it but that’s not what he meant/was being sarcastic! 4) Who cares if Dementia Donnie said it/did it and who cares if he meant it! That's a done deal. And his mentally retarded disciples will step right in line. The four phsese of Dementia Donnie Denial Syndrome. “Almost every gun in existence is semi-automatic lmao." Lil’ Bitchsurn 8-1-2022 "lmao" Fuck you, Brain Dead Ted. Thank God for Joe Biden. Now it's time to LOCK DEMENTIA DONNIE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God Fat Donnie is out of the White House. Now LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you, Fat Donnie. Now LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!! That was actually slightly amusing. Some of you trumpers do have a sense of humor. LOCK DEMENTIA DONNIE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! View all replies >