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The Disney SW movies are basically a write off... In the control room fight, did anyone think... The best Disney Star Wars so far Why didn't he just land the ship closer? Why Cyborg? Ben Affleck was the best thing about the DCEU There should be a fan edit What are YOUR expectations for the film? Why didn't they bring back Jeremy Irons? Favourite visual gag? View all posts >


Then why does basically everyone acknowledge that Orville is good and Discovery is crap? I think that's because Lucas' original plan for the trilogy was boiled down into one movie for IV, because he didn't know he'd get to make more. The Death Star was going to be the "main threat" throughout all the movies, finally getting destroyed at the end, for example. That's (probably) why there's a new one for VI. Because he wants them? It's his money bro. I'm gay and I don't care. We don't really know any of the characters' sexualities. It's the kind of thing where you just roll you eyes and say "of course he is" tbh Han was hanging in Jabba's palace for quite a while, and lots of bounty hunters saw him. It makes sense they'd think Boba had done it on purpose (why would he bother explaining Han was only frozen because Vader was seeing if humans would survive the process?) and start doing it themselves. My local cinema is running Force Awakens and Last Jedi as a marathon in December, so maybe all or a lot of cinemas are, and IMDB was changed by a metadata thing? The Alien movies, both Terminator movies, the zillion Resident Evil movies, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman ... Yeah, it's not a woman thing, it's a looks-like-rubbish thing. [quote]just figuring out why a 16 yr old needs a vacation...[/quote] What, because they don't have careers yet? [quote]putting people in carbon was a last minute decision only done because that's all they had on cloud city... not a standard way bounty hunters transport people...[/quote] It wasn't even done to Han so Boba could transport him - it was done to Han to see if people would survive the freezing process. Remember Vader wanted to freeze Luke and take him to the Emperor. If Han would have died, Vader said he'd compensate Boba for the bounty Jabba had on Han. I guess it's plausible that once Boba took him to Jabba's Palace, word got out as to how he took him there, and other bounty hunters adopted it. View all replies >