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And I'd rather be watching Space Jam because its songs are better (IDGAF if R. Kelly is cancelled because his songs are the only way he will get released early). It also bombed because Toni Braxton ended up in this filth for no reason. I feel bad for her because her songs are awesome and you don't hear her character sing in this movie. Emily and Little Bear could've made for an entertaining couple. No one is ever too old to play Lara Croft. His voice can easily pass for Joe Pesci because both men are Italian. I guess so. There are plenty of other men who can take over Grodin's character. Tim Allen is a good example because his voice is identical to Grodin. Same with Mel Gibson. The term in the game is the urban slang term for saying still around, still relevent, still kicking, still a thing, etc. I also have to remind her that money doesn't buy happiness. Her mansion and expensive designer clothing are two things she could live without. Peter dating someone who is a higher class than him is kind of wrong. The irony behind that is the real Beethoven wrote nine symphonies. Who knows what the 9th Beethoven film would be like if it were to go into production? I wouldn't mind Bonnie Hunt and Nicholle Tom reprising their roles because it's nice that both women are still in the game. View all replies >