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The US Netflix DVD has a brief tunnel scene. There was no indication of vehicle theft, I figured transportation was arranged by their Del Norte connections. I think they were some sort of mood stabilizers. That’s why, after things started to get serious, he tossed them in order to get his “normal self” back. Gentlemen Broncos was amazing. A lot of effort was put into that running gag. Priceless. This movie is full of clever, subtle tidbits and callbacks. It’s a very well-written screenplay, and also has a lot of things that look improvised, like the punch on the shoulder Danny gives Wheeler when they drop Ronnie off. Right, but we already know that because Augie says it. Augie fails to realize that the confrontation occurred because of Danny’s loyalty, which he should respect and appreciate. Remember, Augie is a child. Danny only pushed Argotron because Argotron hit him with his sword. It’s just what you do. Exactly. It’s a fine grab-ass comedy. I got the impression that all of the actors were directed to go “over-the-top”. In their parts. I felt a couple of scenes could have been cut, (Babs selling the car to the guy via sexual fantasy felt particularly forced) but overall, pretty funny. He looked every bit of 30, was over 6 feet tall, 230 pounds with a five o’clock shadow, and could walk into most bars, no questions asked. As far as his behavior goes, he wouldn’t be the only immature person in a strip club. Regarding your second point, well, of course. Yep. Spiro plays a perfect “cute girl-next-door” type. Hahn is a great actor, but seems to be overly cast as the “hungry, hot, cougar”. It’s great schtick, but Hahn’s definitely not what I’d call “hot”. View all replies >