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Just watch the endfight on youtube So meh it's made itself irellevant Man what a classic So they won once after injecting a billion dollars E3: too simplistic. Aimed at children 9-18 only The show is over. Milked to death. Ford should've stayed in the fridge Pretty meh. I do like the European calmness Lovely Roy Scheider View all posts >


Offensive to me? Not in the slightest. I'm growing bored of our conversation. Hmm you seem a real fan. Alright, I'll stop spoiling. Tune in Friday for more predictions. What moron are you to think that you are alone? Most Muslims aren't terrorists Tulsa race riot anyone? Stupid is as stupid does. Well as long as it was free.. No, he's someone else. I am aware of the editability of both title and post. The reason of the spoiler is to get more readers and replies. And it works. View all replies >