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Thoughts on IT? Just watched “Taxi Driver” for the first time Man, work sucks. The Queen's Corgi Best westerns? Books you hope they never turn into movies? What's everyone watching? View all posts >


Ian Mckellen or Neil Patrick Harris. I read somewhere that the screenwriter said the ending is 100% true. But my buddy think he could be lying. I mean, maybe? But that seems like a silly thing to lie about My only complaint about the film is that it doesn’t give Iris much of a backstory Which is why you never read the comments :p Nah, I like to be busy enough I’m not bored. I don’t know much about non-US cinema. But I would assume there’s more than one variable. But that the current state of the economy is number one. 🤷‍♀️ Except my bills. I like my job. Just not on hella slow days and I needed to bitch about it 😆 They’re on the short list, for sure. But “best” is highly subjective Youtube and letterboxd Matilda. 5/10 it’s never been anything special View all replies >