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I said a hip hop.... Can you imagine how flat the audience reaction is going to be....? Popular franchises they haven't destroyed (yet). Your favorite gag reels? Was Bennett in love with Matrix? He was going to have a match with Rowdy Roddy Piper at Wrestlemania in 1996. He made some powerful documentaries. Has a box office bomb ever had a sequel? Suggest a better title/subtitle than "Ghostbusters : Answer the Call"? These films would have been much better if Harry could already just do everything from day 1. View all posts >

Replies LOL ^^ If true then there may still be hope for humanity. It's an endurance test that lasts approx 2.5 hours and is boring to watch. 👍 It'd probably just end up getting banned/blacklisted for briefly depicting a 'mammy' character and depicting a woman who actually wants to find a man, get married and raise a family. Also, remember how in the alternative timeline Donna Reed didn't get married & a had a career as a librarian and was therefore deemed 'a loser'. It's important to kill all those beloved classic characters so they can make more room in the Disney stores for Rose Tico merchandise that nobody wants. Nope. Daniel LaRusso whining. View all replies >