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Jim "Kamala" Harris (wrestler) dies and 2 days later Kamala Harris (politician) all over the news? Coincidence? He knows what he knows Munter? The Woz Would this have made you buy a computer back in the day? Tombstone quotes. Should Gungan's build a giant hydrostatic bubble shield to keep out invading Droid Armies? Can the mohawk ever be considered a 'regular' haircut? WWPD? Were the four school house's supposed to be equal? View all posts >


Good thinking. It's always best to fall off the lowest step first and see how you feel about that. That's all well and good, but how do they react when someone comments on her fine ass? Pineapple John Cheese Diabeetus adds 15 years to your appearance. In the Mood for Love (2000) Well, keep at it. I'm sure if you ever got Jeff Bezos rich, for example, then NP would be only delighted to divorce you. Really? Thanks for the tip! View all replies >