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Give him a ball and a yard of grass. I noted a lot of very hot women on this show. Can he do the brown note? Your favorite type of fruit? Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. Looks like a squished version of David Rasche. Roy Keane's favorite player. I will love it if we beat them! Malk Actors you wouldn't hire. View all posts >

Replies Of course he is. Although, I have it on good authority that Lee Marvin was nowhere near Australia in 1956. Good guy. Is he coming to vanquish the foe with a mighty blow? In a way it actually makes sense. Marty is the kind of guy who would stand up to physical bullies. Hence no one bullies him. It doesn't mean there wasn't Biff-like bullies in 1985, just that Marty didn't have to deal with them. If you did want to find an analog, the nearest thing Marty has is (the aptly named) "Needles", whose constant goading leads to Marty making poor choices at key moments in his life. Ironically, George (and Marty Jr) may not have run afoul of a Needles type character because they had different, less ego-driven personalities to Marty. However, the one to me that doesn't make sense if Buford Tannen "bullying" Doc Brown in 1885. Brown was clearly popular in the town, had advanced weaponry and wasn't afraid to use it. It seems like Tannen would have found someone else to take out his ire on. Then again, Buford seemed to have it in for everyone. 👉👌 BTW , Elvis Presley would have been lucky to have a son like Elvis Costello. View all replies >