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Which is more round? The intro was great! I just watched him. I'd like to pat him on his round head. Can you imagine the level of hope? Films where 'actor A' played the subservient to 'actor B' and then played their superior? Imagine how precious this franchise would have been? How many Star Wars movies are there? The Male Al Pacino USB Sticks? Is that actually an issue? View all posts >


Set during the the Great Depression I finally respect this marbleheaded goon for doing something weird and fucked up with Star Wars. I still could have done without that purple-haired freak-show, however. Another sincere reply 👍 George isn't at home! One thing that occurred to me is that Freddie was so poor that he was wearing his brothers hand-me-downs from the 1970s. something about wishing he had never signed on to do this series. Irréversible View all replies >