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LOL, never seen such a blatant ripoff before! Now I know where the creator of Men in Black got his inspiration Responsible for two unspeakable horrors Debit cards are useless. Betty White Death Hoax: No, the Beloved Star Isn’t Dead Hitchcock ripped this off for Frenzy. The Nic Cage of his time Rip off of Wicker Man, Star Trek and Twilight Zone Things I learned from Children of the Corn He's too creative and artistic to be written off as a hack. View all posts >


I have never used a handbag a day in my life, just a military style backpack which I can't see a skimmer seeing as a potential target. I don't drive, either, and only use my cards at trusted retailers (pharmacy chains, supermarkets, warehouse clubs). All of this is why I don't have faith in these cards anymore. I'm the most careful when it comes to these things and don't carry anything that looks like it could have a card in it but got hit twice in one year. But thanks for the tips, anyway. They're sound now, but at the rate these hackers are going, I think they'll be rendered meaningless in a few years. I don't understand how these things are supposed to work. At some point or the other, you have to take out your card to use at a machine, so how do you stop the skimmer from stealing your details then? Anyway, there's a better way of preventing yourself from losing your life savings to an attack. Have it so that any transactions that are more than what you have in your account is blocked, and never keep more than, say, $50 or more in it. This works because the first thing hackers do is try to withdraw, like, $100 at a clip or something. There is no mystery. She was drunk/high off her ass, got angry after a huge argument, and tried getting off the boat into a dinghy, then fell and slipped getting into it. Walken and Wagner didn't notice she was gone for so long because they were also drunk/high as a kite, and they're probably secretive because they don't want to air dirty laundry about the fight that led to her leaving the yacht. Period, end of story: <blockquote>From the toxicology report and the bruises we were able to determine the probable cause of death. The vertical abrasion on her cheek told us that Natalie Wood, possibly attempting to board the dinghy, had fallen into the ocean, striking her face. Because she had sustained no deep traumatic head wounds, we knew she had been conscious while in the water. The bruises on her lower legs, I believed at the time, were incurred during her fall. </blockquote> He should be glad people want more cowbell, because that skit is the only thing that made him relevant to a younger generation. Because people don't like to buy things on credit. Duly noted. :-) Oh, so he's only good at adapting other people's works (Douglas Adams). Well, I'll give him that. BTW, anyone who's been at the IMDB long enough knows what a colossal joke the ratings are. He's a Great White Hope--as in, some guy Hollywood picks as The Messiah that's going to rescue the film industry. Same reason why idiots like Shammalammadingdong and Gerard Butler kept getting work after bombing again and again. Hollywood sees certain people and thinks. "Yes! That's the one! That's the next Orson Welles/Paddy Chayevsky/Kubrick! And if we keep throwing money at him, he'll crank out a brilliant movie eventually. Just you wait and see." When you see what a colossal, self-entitled douche bag Max Landis is, you see that the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I did get it replaced, but I won't be using it because apparently, it can be hacked even when you keep it as safe as possible and only use it at the most trustworthy retailers. View all replies >