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5 most handsome men of all time Do you have favorite kiss scene?? 20 most beautiful actresses What is some of your favorite movie scenes Who are your favorite country artists besides the legends Five talented songwriters who are not legends in music industry With fathers day coming up what are songs about fathers that you like who are some of your favorite female writers What is one of his underrated movies View all posts >


Politicians are overpaid. I get sick of the selfishness from the vast majority of these people. Janitors, correctional officers and teachers are underpaid. Small business owners can make good living. Don't make as much as people think. People seem very ignorant how long it takes for them to be completely stable. Their are women in entertainment industry who is with younger men as well. What she said is true. Older women would like to see themselves with sexy younger man in movies. Many young women like older men close in age not old men. The Quiet Man The Shop Around The Corner The First Wives Club Beaches Plains Trains and Automobiles The Great Outdoors Calendar Girls Isn't It Romantic Saving Grace Steel Magnolias Band of Brothers is very good mini series with no love interest The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford Misery The King's Speech Schindler's List One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Stand by Me Jaws Fargo Patton Psycho Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory The Wizard of Oz 12 Angry Men I have been to black Friday and never saw that kind of crazy stuff. If you go searching for something you will get it. Nothing. Saw kitten in the middle of the road looking terrible. So I took her to take care of her. In USA Southern people are the worst racists on the planet and North is not Ugly men being better person than handsome man They could care less about the environment. Its an easy way to pretend they care about the environment without doing anything real in their own life. I have yet to see or meet these "you hate science" green fanatics who actually live green life style. That tells me a lot about what they really believe. View all replies >