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He looks very Balkans. "His leftist leanings and opposition to Adolf Hitler caused his downfall shortly before Hitler’s accession to power." It has been suggested that average modern Brits have 13 IQ points less than the average Victorian Brits did. He is a movie critic with 1.83 million subscribers on YouTube. Go and get someone else's attention. Didn't Bond go woke in 1995 with GoldenEye? Quoting articles is plagiarism now? Where do I claim that I wrote the article? That is a serious charge you made. Now, I challenge you to quote me where I make the claim to be the author. I'm not the author of the article, if that is what you thought. It is written by a professor. I quoted the part about Predator. There is more text in the article that I provide the link to. He also claims that Alien is racist. Here is a video discussing and criticizing the article: If you were stoned or drunk when watching it, you may come to that conclusion, I suppose. Conservapedia's opposite is RationalWiki. View all replies >