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Why does Barley's shirt have a Q on it and what does the Q mean? Do you think Soul will be a huge hit when it debuts? Is anyone gonna buy Onward on DVD? Is the character Barley Lightfoot based on Chris Pratt? and why the name Barley Onward coming to Disney+ April 3rd Why did they not bother to release a version of Disneyland Adventures for Nintendo DS? How I discovered Tracy Chapman Why did Pixar bother to make Inside Out? Is a woman suing Disney/Pixar for using her van to create the van from Onward? What did you think of Frozen II? View all posts >


In National Lampoon's Vacation when Clark and Ellen dropped Aunt Edna off at Ellen's cousin's house it is mentioned that Cousin Norman is in Flagstaff on business and wouldn't return until the next week. So the Griswold's had no choice but to leave Aunt Edna in a lawn chair in his backyard but they should've known that Aunt Edna wasn't feeling well at first during the trip to Phoenix and should've checked on her because the Arizona weather can be hot and Clark would've called someone to tell about Aunt Edna's poor health instead of Ellen freaking out about Aunt Edna's death. But you got to admit Clark's farewell to Aunt Edna was pretty funny My mom and dad watched Onward and my mother liked it but she found the ending sad because my mother dislikes death and sadness in Disney movies but she loved Barley and she felt sorry for him but my mother enjoyed the rest of the movie too. My dad on the other hand liked the Manticore and thought she was really funny and he also liked Ian too The main reason why Oliver And Company became such a hit was partly because of Billy Joel's voice acting debut as Dodger and because he had done Dodger's voice as a surprise for his daughter Alexa who was 3 years old at the time the movie debuted in theaters. But even before Oliver And Company came out Billy Joel was a big bonafide star in the 80's and the Dodger role really helped Billy's career out a lot because he had released his album Storm Front in 1989 and a concert special in 1990 and Billy Joel was on the road to superstardom. But Disney should've let Huey Lewis voice a character in Oliver And Company for them because Huey Lewis would've gotten more praise than Billy Joel My cat is still doing his annoying yowling and I cannot still find the answer to what is causing this habit? I have searched my entire house for what could cause my cat to yowl so much. Another thing he does when he yowls is make trotting and galloping noises like a horse and everytime my cat does this I along with my mom can't get no sleep at all because he wakes us up. Mom and I have tried to play with him and try to make my cat take a nap in the daytime but each time we attempt to play with him he will try to growl but not bite and getting my cat to take a nap is impossible because he'll be asleep for like two minutes and then if he hears a noise such as the radio or talking my cat gets up and starts yowling again. Could it be that my cat is bored? Anastasia was the first 20th Century Fox film to be made in 20th Century Fox's new at the time studio in Phoenix Arizona and at the time many people thought that due to the changes and the move to the new studio that Anastasia would be a failure. But with an impressive merchandise deal and a Burger King deal Anastasia proved that FOX Animation Studios still had all it's moves. Because after success with Thumbelina Don Bluth knew that Anastasia would be a bigger hit and what a surprise hit it turned out to be. And with a big celebrity voice cast with Meg Ryan Kelsey Grammer Bernadette Peters and John Cusack and Christopher Lloyd and Angela Lansbury Anastasia opened a whole new window to FOX's animation studios. And they even made a movie about Bartok the bat too but none of the other Anastasia characters appear in it but it's still a worthy watch The actual reason behind Deal Or No Deal's cancellation in 2009 was because of low ratings and trying to compete with other shows such as Dancing With The Stars. But I think the Million Dollar Mission caused the show's death because after trying multiple times to get a million dollar champion Deal Or No Deal finally scored two million dollar champions with Jessica Robinson and Tomorrow Rodriguez Deal Or No Deal lost it's luster and with the syndicated version now getting attention NBC decided to let the show run it's course. Soon after a week after it's cancellation GSN announced they were showing the reruns of Deal Or No Deal. But the CNBC revival of the show is really cool The Great Mouse Detective is one of Disney's most underrated films probably because it was the last film Vincent Price provided a voiceover in. But like Disney's The Rescuers Down Under The Great Mouse Detective is overlooked because not too many people know about it. But it does have a neat storyline and amazing action and Ratigan is probably the toughest villain of all Disney villains. And you got to admit the father/daughter scenes with the toy maker and his daughter Olivia who is the cutest Disney character of the movie. But if it was to have a sequel The Great Mouse Detective would be one of Disney's best films When it comes to marketing their new movies and releasing them to the market Disney always makes sure to get the best actors to voice characters. Beauty And The Beast is one movie that proves it and by adding new actors and big celebrity stars Disney knows this mix works well. Take for example Paige O'Hara who voiced Belle went on to have a successful singing career before she retired and Robby Benson was a successful actor who provided voices for computer games after Beauty And The Beast. Another movie that does this is A Bug's Life and aside from David Hyde Pierce Bonnie Hunt Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary the only actor that was known was Dave Foley who voiced Flik because before A Bug's Life was released Dave Foley was on Newsradio and Kids In The Hall and Disney was lucky to get him. But when you look at the general picture Beauty And The Beast also had David Ogden Stiers from MASH and he is still huge in Disney movies today. But if you watch any Disney movie today you can bet that celebrity voices can guarantee fame from one animated voiceover after another I used to LOVE watching Let's Make A Deal but I think the show has gone downhill. For one thing it seems that CBS wanted to make this version of Let's Make A Deal a combination of a sitcom and comedy show with a game show mixed in and from the time CBS announced that this version of Let's Make A Deal was gonna replace Guiding Light they expected it to be a huge hit. But when they chose Wayne Brady as the host they also made him a game show star but even though I love Wayne Brady this show is really not suited for him to show off his talents and someone like Dave Foley could've done a better job hosting. But I think ever since the original model Alison Fiori quit and was replaced by Tiffany Coyne it really hurt the show and I can see why it hardly wins any Game Show Emmys for Best Game Show because LMAD has gone totally downhill and losing viewership. If you want to see how fun LMAD is stick with the Monty Hall version Since starring in the movies Onward and Guardians Of The Galaxy it seems that Chris Pratt wants to be number one in Hollywood and when you see a movie with Chris Pratt you know that it will be a hit. I also think that due to his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy he will be the next Sylvester Stallone but in comedy roles like Disney's Onward Chris Pratt will be the new Robin Williams. But by given more roles that are tailor-made for him Chris Pratt is well on his way to becoming a superstar actor in Hollywood View all replies >