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Is Grogu's favorite food bone broth? Why did Bradley Walsh leave Doctor Who? Was Nick Wilde a fox version of Jason Bateman? Did Vin Diesel release an album? Do you think Baby Yoda will begin to learn how to talk? When will the Soul merchandise be released? Why does Ellen call Clark Sparky? Who plays Santa Claus in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades? Does Chris Parnell sing in real life? Do you think Billy Joel will ever release a comeback album? View all posts >


I saw Thumbelina when my class went on a school field trip to the mall where we had a day at the movies and we got to see Thumbelina and my parents went with us too but I didn't want my parents sitting with me because I would be embarassed so I sat with my teacher and from the moment I watched Thumbelina I was enchanted by it and I was impressed at how well this movie looked considering it was a Don Bluth directed film. And while the film was a delight to watch the main character I liked was Charo's character and I never knew that Charo could work in animated movies so well and her character Ma Toad was so talented at singing the song On The Road. My other favorite part was when Thumbelina and the prince were dancing to Let Me Be Your Wings and I don't know how they picked Barry Manilow to write the songs for the movie but he did write fantastic songs and Let Me Be Your Wings is a wonderful ballad and Barry teamed up with American Idol vocal coach Debra Byrd to sing it with him at the end credits and his version is also great as well. But the weirdest thing that happened when I watched it in the theater my teacher cried for the prince when they thought he was gone but I was very happy that Thumbelina got her wings and got married at the end. After seeing the movie my classmates wrote a review about Thumbelina and I got a good grade on my review I must admit after watching The Mandalorian even though I learned The Child's real name was Grogu I still like to call him Baby Yoda but as I mentioned in my previous posts my mother likes to name him Roku because she still can't pronounce Grogu but I do think a better name for The Child would've been Lucius because Lucius sounds like Luke and really could've fit him well than Grogu Graham was the main reason why I liked Doctor Who and I was so excited when Bradley Walsh was gonna join Doctor Who because I think Bradley Walsh was so cute and I have liked him since The Chase UK and then I also got Season 1 of Law And Order UK and Bradley's two albums and now that he's going to not be on Doctor Who anymore I think the show's ratings will get low and people will quit watching it because Bradley made Doctor Who worthy of watching and I bet you that Graham will make appearences on Doctor Who from time to time in certain episodes in the future I think The Mandalorian will get Grogu back but in order to get him back I think the kidnappers will offer The Mandalorian a choice if he wants Grogu back he either has to fight them or surrender Grogu to them and never will see him ever again. But however it goes The Mandalorian will most likely have to fight the kidnappers and finally get Grogu back. But if anything happens to Grogu I would be sad I just started watching The Mandalorian last month and I found it to be very cool and The Mandalorian himself is very awesome and Pedro Pascal brings a lot of action to the role but what really drawn me to the show was The Child "Grogu' and ever since I fell in love with the plush The Child on Youtube I started to watch the show to learn more about Grogu and find him so adorable. My parents are gonna start watching The Mandalorian too once I'm finished with Season 2 but my mom loves to hear about every episode of the show I see The first time I heard about Tommy Lister Jr. was hearing him providing the voice of Finnick in Disney's Zootopia and although Finnick was cute I couldn't believe that Finnick's voice sounded weird but Tommy was funny in the role. Believe it or not when I heard about Tom Lister Jr's death I actually snuggled my plush Finnick tightly and I could not believe that Finnick's human actor was now gone Tiny Lister Jr. is dead? I knew he provided the voice of Finnick in Disney's Zootopia and he was funny in the role. What did Tiny Lister die of? Because I don't recall him being ill Oh, I bet if Grogu begins to talk he will sound cute indeed. When I found out The Child's name was indeed Grogu my mom couldn't and still can't pronounce Grogu so she calls him Roku and I told that The Child was not named after a streaming service and she just laughed I had never even heard about The Christmas Shoes until I was in the mall when I went to take a break at Borders and they had the copy of the book on display and it seemed to be a popular bestseller. Then when my mom and I were listening to the Delilah radio show one of the Christmas songs she played was The Christmas Shoes and when I first heard it I couldn't believe that there was a song based on that book and the lyrics I thought were odd. And then Mom and I discovered the movie and I couldn't believe how The Christmas Shoes became a popular song and it seems to be as popular as Bob Carlisle's hit song Butterfly Kisses and has a cover done by teen country group Three Of Hearts. But at least the song has made Newsong a household name in Christian music today I wish Wheel Of Fortune could do away with the Mystery Round and Mystery Wedge because every single time a contestant seems to land on it it seems to be always be Bankrupt and contestants rarely win the $10,000 prize. How on earth Wheel Of Fortune invented this is beyond me? View all replies >