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Linda and Walt really weren't that bad Frank forcing Walker out was dumb Christopher Meloni to return as Stabler in new spin off Why didn't Ransom just kill Fran and stay on Marta's side? The fairies continuously made everything worse How much older than Christopher was Tony? Remember when Elias murdered an ex cop, kidnapped a teenager, and threatened a baby? Did they want us to feel bad for Sweat? What was the point of an audience for the 2nd and 3rd tasks? Why does anyone even really care about winning the house cup? View all posts >


Stephanie set nothing straight. Danny and Jesse still believed DJ drank until they were told by Kevin that was wrong. Pay attention sweetheart Doesn't shock me at all that you only went to two parties. Not hard to see why. If this person's opinion upsets you so much, put them on ignore and don't read what they say. Easy peasy, right sweetheart? Says the poster who comments on the Taylor Swift board even though you hate her. Hypocrite. What? That's what the show has always primarily about. As she said, when he didn't call her she assumed there was a reason for it. She moved on. I don't think they even need a host at all. Just have it be the 6 of them talking about the show and their favorite scenes and whatever else. Have a producer off screen there to keep it on track and whatnot, but that's it. Ellen is just going to make it all about herself. They all still act. Jennifer Aniston just won a SAG. Matt Leblanc was nominated for like 5 Emmy's in a row. They probably just don't want to do an actual episode, so this is the only thing they'd agree too. Most of the cast has been on record numerous times saying they think a reunion would be bad. It will be the first time the 6 cast members will be together since the show ended, besides at a dinner a few months ago. And who knows, maybe when it gets a ton subscribers and views for HBO, they'll do a real reunion. View all replies >