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How much older than Christopher was Tony? Remember when Elias murdered an ex cop, kidnapped a teenager, and threatened a baby? Did they want us to feel bad for Sweat? What was the point of an audience for the 2nd and 3rd tasks? Why does anyone even really care about winning the house cup? "Your account is too new to send private messages" In hindsight, wasnt getting everyone else to parachute off really stupid? Really simple way for Lisa to not go through with any of it And escape could have been easy for Edmond and the priest View all posts >


Lmao. Chandler last? Okay. You're cute, sweetie. I did 20 fuckin years His son was extremely young when the show was on. Much too young to watch it. And after James died, would you really want to watch the show just for fun? See your dad that passed on screen again? Maybe some people would like that, but I think most wouldnt. A few of Elaine's boyfriends were honestly not handsome at all. The communist from The Race was really bland. The guy from The Smelly Car was pretty fat. Not that guys cant date women more attractive than them, and vice versa, but she definitely had some average looking boyfriends. I know they arent real uncle and nephew, I just thought since they had that kind of relationship, where Tony views him as his nephew, it could a bigger age difference. Not a huge one, but like 10 or so years maybe. She's worked with Martin Scorsese, was in a major box office comic book movie, and got an oscar nomination. Working for Tarantino is always smart, but lets be real, even if she didnt her career was going to be the same. Basterds had the zoom in on Diane Kruger's feet when she was being choked. And Kill Bill had the close up of Uma Thurman's feet when she was trying to move them or whatever. I think the difference is in the other scenes in his movies, there was a reason for the actresses to be barefoot and it was more cinematic. Diane Kruger was being strangled, and showing her feet thrashing shows her struggle. Uma was paralyzed or thought she was, and she was trying to get her legs working. In this movie, theres no reason for the close up, or even for the actress to be barefoot at all. Which is fine. I dont think it's an issue, but he was definitely really open about it with this movie. "No freaking way. More SJW/racially/sexual orientation friendly? Totally checked. Back in the 60s/70s, no way this movie would have won best picture." But doesn't that mean that back in the 70's the Oscar's were just as politically motivated, just the reverse of today? The 70's Oscar's would never award a movie about gay blacks. Today's would. They're both politically motivated. I definitely agree politics and stuff came into play with Black Panther, but let's be real, reasons other than merit have always been a part of the oscars. Even if it's just, "We love this actor, so let's vote for him even though his performance sucks". Take Robert Duvall in The Judge. There is absolutely no way in freaking hell that is oscar worthy performance. But he was nominated. The reason? He's a well respected and loved veteran actor. That's it. I'd call that just as bad as nominating Black Panther because of politics. Or as you talk about, DiCaprio in the Revenant. Even though lots of people would agree its just a solid performance, people voted for him because they like HIM and his career. But people dont get mad at that like they do Black Panther. I guess the point I'm trying to make is I just think its unnecessary to make such a big issue of it. People get so mad about Black Panther being nominated its ridiculous. Like the poster above who mentioned it. "Black Panther got nominated, let that sink in". So what? Yeah it's annoying, now move on. If you're that bothered by Black Panther, then you should have been bothered with the Oscar's for years and years. Because they've always done it. How is it meaningless? Who are these terrible winners that are making them meaningless? Why does everyone act like Black Panther is the worst movie ever nominated for best picture? It's not. Not even close. It didnt deserve to get nominated, but so many worse movies have been nominated than that. Hell, some worse movies have even won. View all replies >