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Woke trailer ... I’ll give this one a miss Lol clicked on this thinking it was Adam Sandler Guilty Same experience as watching Requiem for a Dream Looks like Yellow Bastard from Sin City How weird??? Kerry Condom 😂 So the two brothers were both Kings in GOT..what are the chances ? Ignore all threads/posts by TheAdlerian View all posts >


Ok whatever. I’ll show you how this works. Tim74 (hits ignore) Tim you need to settle down!!!! You could have just hit the ignore button for Avraham. That’s what it’s there for. Truth is you enjoy all the drama. Avraham was a funny guy. Guess you cant take what you dish out. Careful zinger. Tim has a habit of getting people banned. 😉 Idiot. This is not an underrated film. Cry much? Not as lame as you Maul! 😴 💤 💤 💤 View all replies >