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I know. He said they pulled him right out of the Academy in 1996. This is not possible since the first film takes place in 1995 and he's already a Detective with 6 years on the job. I went to go see it around October of 87. I was 5 years old but remember the opening scene being pretty intense. My older brother, mother, and aunt all went to go see it. I just remember key points in the movie and then a few months later playing the NES game. To my understanding, the Ghostbusters game from 2009 basically used the script from the Hellbent film. point is that it's strange that it's never mentioned in any of the films that he has a kid. First, he lived on campus at Columbia, then he moved in with the guys at the firehouse and continued to live there. Never once did he get a call or anything about having a kid. He didn't act like he was comfortable around Oscar as normal father would. That would have been an ideal time to mention something. He only brings up his strange childhood. We know as much as you do at this point. However, based on the photos, it looks like normal clothes. It appears the kids stumble upon all the old equipment in an old farm house and accidently release some ghosts. This leads them to have to become unofficial Ghostbusters and go around town retrapping the ghosts. Beyond this, there's no word on if these kids will be actual Ghostbusters or if there is already a new team of GBs training under the originals.