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“Anyway, it's not like Australia is actively saying "we don't want immigrants here".“ Actually that’s exactly what Australia said until the 1950s under the White Australia Policy. I do know that Cher and Susan Sarandon are great friends though and that Sarandon was her main support when she was sparring with Miller on Eastwick. I think what you're referring to was one misinterpreted comment Sarandon made about Cher leaving filming early because she had a hard time being in scenes not about her, which she said she admired anyway! They sorted it. I had to look up the Mermaids story and while I feel for Emily Lloyd, Cher is right, they look nothing like mother and daughter. I don't think you can really put the blame on Cher's shoulders for her career demise though, since she worked steadily for another decade before she quit acting. Apparently she was often a nightmare on her other films and was also fired from Husbands and Wives and Tank Girl, so yeah, lots of issues there the poor thing. Do you mean "jumping on" as in celebrating it or reacting against it? Because reaction has been very mixed. As opposed to this film mocking Hitler for the purpose of countering the resurgence of right wing fascism in today's world. Yeah, I'm way off. My point was Hitler has been satirised many times in popular culture, and my comment was in direct response to this comment "I guess that's why movies like this did not come out until most of the WW2 generation had passed away". Wow, I thought I was the only person who thought Batman Begins is the best of the trilogy. Still a terrible title though. Stop it you're ruining Cher for me!! Oh look for sure, there's a certain amount of disconnect from reality for all people who have her level of fame, and like I said before I think she would be in no way opposed to playing the diva to get what she wants. It probably somewhat accounts for her lasting 50 years in the entertainment industry though, advancing herself where she can in a male-dominated industry, you can't really blame her for being tough and calculating. I think she's genuine with her liberal ideals though. Who says you can't be a lefty AND a bitch, right? Really though, I'm not saying my opinion that she deserved her Oscar is the last word, no matter how closely you study technique there's always an amount of subjectivity and personal opinion in these arguments. I just don't see her win in the same WTF league as say Marisa Tomei beating Judy Davis. 100% AP. I find Dave's unfiltered take on the world as funny as I do Alec Baldwin ripping on Trump. The review that the OP shared misses the mark and ignores the large number of people from the "marginalized groups" it mentions who actually have the ability to laugh at themselves. This is not "The Left" talking, it's one disgruntled reviewer. Get some perspective. Yeah I suppose I would call myself left-leaning in terms of political persuasion, and as a member of the 'Alphabet People' I thought the set was hilarious. Sometimes people like to make divisions where no divisions exist. Ah I see. Yeah, perhaps you are being more analytical than I, and I won't deny the fact that I think Cher is a fantastic performer. It's hardly an unconditional love though, I haven't been bewitched by everything she's done (especially in music) and I'm not the sort of fan that will support her out of blind devotion. Never thought of her as a phony though. Kramer vs. Kramer View all replies >