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Best performances in Comic book movies of all time. Marvel is better with male characters and actors but DC better with female characters and their actresses Very good film though it cheats the audience a little I think Robert Pattinson will be very good as Batman Thanos and Rhas al Gul similar villains? I’m surprised DC hasn’t made an animated movie for the Big screen Who had the better screen Test RDJ as Iron Man or Hugh Laurie as Dr House I’m interested in this film Are blockbusters artistically under valued by cinephiles ? Anyone else feels a little less excited for the MCU because of the Spider Man Problem View all posts >


I loved Rush watched it 4 Times in theaters and now I’m really excited to see a similar film full of adrenaline and excitement with great actors in the main roles. I’m gonna say the Fighter and The big Short. Though he was pretty good last year in Vice. I just remembered he was really good in American hustle and The prestige. Never seen that but I guess I should have still included because it’s iconic in its own way. It was first and only Time Batman was campy and worked for it’s time I can see why but I still do because it’s set in Gotham City with Thomas Wayne being an important part of the story and well we know how it ends. Watch it, it’s a really fun film. I enjoyed it very much. It’s quite a little too crazy almost at The end but I liked it a lot and Guy Pearce makes a very good Aldrich Killian. It’s funny with the exception of Obadiah Stane all Iron Man villains on film have been pretty over the top and a little cartoonish. Killian, Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer I think Daniel Day Lewis can do almost any role he wants, his only limitation would be doing a comedy but other than that he can do anything and he is great. I also Robert Downey Jr. Could do every role he wants. And what did you think of Guy Pearce in Iron Man 3 ? I thought he pretty good, a little over the top in the final fight but other than that really good. I’d say the King’s speech. I like movies about royals but usually prefer the realily old royalty like Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth or Mary Queen of Scots. But I really enjoyed that film because of the friendship between The King and Lionel Technically the suicide squad was led by Will a smith but I think the most successful character in it was Harley Quinn. I really believed she stole the movie with being funny and tragic at the same time and I think her being the lead in birds of Prey shows how much of a successful character she was in Suicide Squad. So even Though yes Amanda Waller and Enchantress were terribly done. The female representation was saved by Harley Quinn. I think if you made a poll which is the character you remember the most from that movie is Harley Quinn. Paul Rudd was exactly the one who came up to my mind with your title. He looks way younger. He looks like he is 40 at most. I agree and it seems like RDJ thinks that way too. At least that’s how I interpreted his answer. Watch it and tell me if you disagree on how i interpreted his opinion : it was like I respect him but I disagree and he he has the right to say what he feels no big deal. View all replies >