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The Lion King (1994 ) Ok I have a new prediction for the next Avengers team I liked Edward Norton as Hulk/Bruce Banner Just re started to watch the Infinity Saga Re starting the Marvel Marathon I guess The Hollywood “woke” era will end once US gets a new president Hot or Not Hot the Marvel Chrises (Hemsworth, Evans and Pratt) This film had a great message Hot or Not The Men Edition. #4 Christian Bale Hot or Not the men edition #1 Sean Connery View all posts >


Yes it does. Its like time never passed on this film and 2D animation is better than 3D animation Well when I was a kid i watched it like a thousand times.almost knowing the dialogue by memory but it’s my first time re watching this film as an adult and it’s surprising how well it holds up Yes we all need some mindless entertainment once in a while. the films you mentioned definitely count and don’t worry the film one of these days will appear there or you can just google it to watch it online. I id say the MIB international for me it’s a solid 7. It accomplished what I was looking for pure mindless entertainment with great eye candy and the chemistry between Thessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth is great. You can believe them they like each other and work together as a team pretty well. Don’t expect it to blow your mind but it’s a few fun hours in front of your tv. Probably it wasn’t worth to pay for it to watch in theaters but still got what I was looking for when I saw it. It’s more Of a film to watch in Netflix or any streaming service than watching it in theaters but if you see definitely will have a good time with it Yes. I can also feel this criticism going a little overboard like a pure excuse to not like a movie just like the woke thing. I do the feel like the woke movement has gone a little too far however not every film that has female protagonists are woke movies. I’m not saying it’s the best film ever but Men in Black international was accused by critics of hammering on us the female empowerment but I didn’t feel that. Didn’t give me that vibe. I’ve seen others which I feel like yeah they are right about that and i do dislike the woke thing very much But people have been throwing the Woke criticism way too much even when it doesn’t apply. I’m indecisive between Chicago and Gladiator. I love both so much. With Chicago I love the musical numbers in it, not a huge fan of the story. Too cynical for the genre : I think musicals go better with happy stories like Mamma Mia or grease but the musical numbers and costumes are incredible. With gladiator I loved the Story, performances of the whole cast and fight scenes were really something that keeps me so into the movie. I think he was made look skinnier with Special effects due to the little time between Infinity War and EndGame. Well it has had a bright side like the environmental cleaning less smog in the streets and way less contamination but it’s not a good thing this happened a lot of people are dying and world economy has suffered a lot because of this. Something a little good came out of this but the situation for us has been really bad. Many people lost their job and hospitals are working at max. With crazy pressure on them. Well in homecoming he learned he is more than the suit while defeating The Vulture with his homemade suit. In far From home learned to stepout of the shadow of Iron Man that he is SpiderMan not the replacement for Iron Man. He had the help from Happy and the tech from Tony but once happy told him not even Tony lived up to his own hype he understood he doesn’t need to fill anyone’s shoes. I don’t know who should act in it but I think it would be cool a film about Aerosmith View all replies >