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What do you look for in a film ? How would you define a great actor? To be considered a great singer, it’s necessary a great voice ? Your favorite singer and/ or band era A Super Bowl halftime show post. People on this message boards outside the states Anyone here like me who is a fan of The reality show: The Voice ? The music industry is so fickle I have the worst timing choosing my movie or music stars Singers or bands you are sad didn’t make it in the long run View all posts >


Prison break. It should have ended with Michael and His brother finally escaping and that’s it Great point Or just defining it a great artist.but here is my issue a great artist could also be a great guitarist like Slash or Carlos Santana non of them sing but they make great music with the Guitar. So that’s why I make it that a great singer is more than a great voice. 😂, changed it thank you for telling me about it Ralph Fiennes and Glenn Close Good song I liked it. Lacks a bit the catchy tune of enjoy the silence but not bad. Omg I’m so sorry Promise didn’t want to threaten anyone here. 😂 Well i live in Mexico City so here it’s all about Duhh Mexican food. We also have a lot of Italian and Japanse restaurants. but the specialty here is Mexican food. That’s such a hard song to do a good cover, because the whole thing is a high note. The guitar was good at the beginning the voice made me sleepy. Don’t like that song being turned into a ballad it becomes boring. For example wanted dead or alive and living on a Prayer do work on a ballad tone but sweet child of mine needs that energetic sound with Slash opening. Robin Hood Sherlock Holmes Dracula Frankenstein Whaaaat? I’m mostly a pop fan but damn I think Queen is amazing, one of the greatest bands with amazing music which appeals to any music fan. My other favorite Rock Band is Bon Jovi. View all replies >