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Why would the nun come to the house & say what she did? The little girl with the scar on her face Ritchie's background story I'm sooo surprised no one is talking about this line..... What's Aster's fascination w/naked people? Angry white folks I felt sorry for Lancelot What ever happened to the preacher's daughter View all posts >


Loll. I actually thought it was cute, but apparently you don't know the answer to the question so adios. Lancelot was in a bad place. He was in love with his best friend's wife and knew he shouldn't be feeling that way, but he did. It's hard loving someone you know you can't have. Lol I thought I was the only one 😂😂. I cried like a baby when I saw that scene. I totally agree I'm trying to figure out why didn't he just leave when he saw that same doll from the limo on the footstep where his friend fell from? Lol!! I agree I like the story of the Hoodoo dolls and that racist politician. Malorie was reaching for Jessica's phone, and by the time she looked up, the entity passed by. Hey! is an alternative to IMBD discussion boards View all replies >