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Gonna give this a shot... [b]Survival Quest[/b] 1988. [url][/url] There are several screenshots from the movie that your co-worker can view to see if this is the film or not. Gonna take a wild stab at this and guess: [b]Hope And Glory[/b] (1987). It's a semi-autobiographical film about Director John Boorman's experiences as a young child growing up in England during WWII. Don't normally have the time, but here are the final moments of The Time Travelers (1964): Hope it helps. OBTW, was shocked to learn that this once-rare film is now freely available via Amazon Prime. :-D Another angle to approach: Identify the ad agency who had the account in '05. There are several sites, like AdAge and AdWeek, which have industry connections which can lead to the creators/copywriters - and even actors. Well, it's worth a shot. <g> Wish this forum worked more like others, but it is what is. <g> Here's a YouTube vid compilation that does a decent job of stitching together images from the movie. In it you can see of the "aliens" - tho' technically creepy, they're actually the good guy androids working to protect the humans from the really forked-up mutants. GL! :-) Given the timeframe you outlined - the late 70s - would suggest a film from the 1950s-up to what would've been the present. If you take out astronauts and replace with scientists, who are wearing futuristic silver costumes, then: [b]The Time Travelers[/b] (1964) with John Hoyt and Merry Anders. Not sure if this forum allows screenshots, so here's an image via IMDb: Spoiler Warning: The final scene of the movie shows the surviving humans going thru the gate into a tropical paradise. Something very similar in the original "Masters Of The Universe" (1987) with Dolph Lundgren as He-Man. The product in question however was pork ribs. As he was sharing an Earth favorite 'fast-food bucket' with his compatriots - half the team was disgusted/horrified to learn that the "delicious" food was in fact made from a living creature called a pig. (extraterrestrial vegans) <g> View all replies >