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She didn't notice you weigh 400 lbs?! So let me get this straight....... Neal McDonough Where is Zeta's accent? Made me LOL I liked the twist - so different You better stay on your toes Microwave towers Spoiler alert - the ending So was Pennywise... View all posts >


Agreed. We get it Director. The long walking toward the camera and then abit behind (what a relief) then toward again and some sideways. Yes she did act quite childish - but was prolly directed to Yes, I wondered that as well. Plot device. And I would have thought if you could see and hear the explosion that you could still become infected or whatever that bomb does. Didn't seem far enough away. I agree. I feel like there was a dark nasty film enveloping me after watching this. Not a good feeling. Bad. I know part of a movie's objective is to invoke thoughts and feeling, but these I can do without. 77: 11 years later and this thread is still trying to make it to 100 - c'mon people! The AQUAFINA water vending machine was quite blatant. She's even still sexy as Superman's Mom. It helps yes. But No Ya, that was Chris Pine - loved it. Tru - worse still was the Dad murdering the Cop after shooting out his tire. View all replies >