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Demented serial killer movies? Visually stunning movies to watch on my brand new mobile phone? :) What are some of the movies with best narrative/dialogue/speeches? Good rags to riches movies with hardwork and hardships as primary theme What are some romatic movies that you would want to live? Realistic Utopian movies? Good revenge themed movies? (do read the description) Am I the only one who is sick and tired of watching movies/tv series depicting supernatural or impossible events? What TV/Web series would you recommend to become articulate? I said something at work to my manager that I think came off as bragging. It's eating me inside View all posts >


It's probably because of the technology. It has become very difficult to kill a number of people one after the other without getting caught. Mobile phones, GPS, Cameras! They are everywhere. You can get away once may be twice. But that's about it. A serial killer, today, would need to have an IQ of 500 to kill 30 people like Ted Bundy before getting caught. Also, during 70s and 80s there were more isolated places than there are now. The only serial killers today are politicians. Tough times for serial killers. I was genuinely not aware of that. Thank you. Oh yes that was a good one. I forgot to mention that in my post. Thanks for reminding me of such a good movie. Actually, I don't. I have never been a fan of slapstick comedy. But the clip you have shared is not the typical Charlie Chaplin I know. That was a good movie. I really loved that movie. Oh thank you for reminding me of that movie. I watched it on TV when I was like 5. Don't remember a thing about it but I do remember that my mom absolutely loved that movie. I did not know that movie existed. Two of my favorite actors in one movie. Sounds good. I dont find alien bugs realistic :/ is it really? A re-watch huh? Gotta watch then. Movie looks promising by the looks of the trailer. Though, it gave out the whole story. View all replies >