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Did you actually pay to watch this fake Joker origin movie? Not a single star to be seen in outer space? View all posts >


No, I wasn't aware of that because I haven't had the opportunity to travel in space with or without the sun in view. A past Joker who goes on to inspire other future Jokers would be a really stupid and lame storyline idea. As it is, this fake Joker origin movie is a step above garbage, that would make it pure garbage. Like I said in my op, I can see why some people would choose to completely avoid seeing this movie or wait to watch it for free someday. This fake Joker origin movie doesn't really warrant the price of a ticket. My apologies, I will omit the "shame on you " comment from my op. They clearly forgot to add the stars in space during post. Whether it was during flight or on the moon...not a single star could be seen anywhere. Read my op again, it's been edited. Not at all dissatisfied. A movie about a revolution (the poor rising up against the rich ruling class) disguised as a joker origin movie is a unique idea, I'd pay to watch that too. No shame in that. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being disrespectful to Heath Ledger's enduring Joker performance and legacy by supporting this movie with my hard earned money. View all replies >