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Day-time bank robbery....nobody saw the glass window getting blown out or the robbers using a zip line cable Was the first tripod that climbs up and jumps out of the hole the same type of tripod that rises out of the ground? During the opening sequence, it kind of looked like I was watching a Tron movie Looks like a video game The devil made him do it....he was possessed Pack Your Sh*t and Go It called Tenet because it's a palindrome and it will take ten viewings or ten years of continuous viewings to understand Disappointed in the ending, I was rooting for Godzilla to achieve world domination View all posts >


It's possible he was pure evil because he was possessed by Satan. He was a human who was possessed by the devil. Is it possible that the devil made him do all those brutal, horrific, sadistic murders and violent sex crimes against men, women and children in 1985? Is demon possession a real thing? Can a demon or demons have complete control over a person's mind and actions to do evil deeds? Was he pure evil or was he possessed by Satan? Yes or No? Stop watching porn. You're just upset because Tenet wasn't a pornographic movie starring Ron Jeremy. You're watching too much gay porn. The devil made him do it....he was possessed. Who is Satan? Is Satan an evil and powerful entity also known as the devil? How did Satan possess him? Why bother with an exorcism? If Satan is so evil and powerful then why doesn't God just strike Satan down and put an end to Satan once and for all? Surely God is more powerful than Satan. Or are God and Satan the same thing or are they working together? God could be both good and evil. Why did God wait so long? This evil man was breathing for 53 years before God struck him down with cancer to end his life. Is that all you people care about is money? View all replies >