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Adam Driver with same moppy, long and black hair in every movie This guy has the same moppy, long and black hair in every movie The one thing that prevented this movie from being a masterpiece was.... Martin Scorsese is a master filmmaker who creates art that imitates life Was anyone else expecting Harvey Keitel to have more scenes? Best movie from 2012 Best movie from 1962 Charlie's Angels are lesbians now? View all posts >


Did you watch the 3 episode mini-series of The Hateful 8....if so, how did you like the extended version compared to the theatrical version? What do you mean by "It's like an Italian FU to America"? You don't believe the mafia had JFK killed? Do you believe JFK had Marilyn Monroe killed? I just finished watching it on Netflix and it was a very informative and interesting documentary. But before I started it, I noticed James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger were listed as producers which also spiked my interest. If not for your post though, I might never have watched it. Honestly, I didn't even know it existed until I read your post. Thanks for posting this topic! I don't know about you, but I can easily go days or even weeks without consuming animal meat. Animals are emotional beings and because of that, I hardly ever eat animal meat or fish. I really don't agree with the the whole idea of taking away an animal's life to sustain my life. But I still sometimes consume eggs and dairy products. I wouldn't call myself a vegan yet, but I'm almost a full fledged vegetarian! James Corden would be a great 007! The jazz music that was used for this movie is way less questionable than the soundtrack to The Firm with Tom Cruise. In that movie, it's the same piano notes over and over again for the whole movie! Sure, if I'm willing to ignore my issues with the de-aging cgi, then this movie has a lot going for it. It's a real Oscar contender, especially with the performances by Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. I can definitely see Pesci winning another Oscar for best supporting actor (he won for his role in Goodfellas). Gay propaganda was first introduced in the 1990s in movies and TV in an effort to make it seem like a normal and acceptable sexual behavior, rather than deviant and abnormal sexual behavior? Exactly, why did Scorsese favor an unconvincing cgi experiment and refuse to use younger actors? I really want to know the answer to that question. Gangster No.1 is good example. Another good example of a great movie that used a younger actor for the early years was The Godfather 2. Where was the realism in that scene with De Niro beating up the grocery clerk? De Niro's age and the de-aging cgi interfered greatly in this fight scene. With that in mind, I'm really surprised that Scorsese didn't film that scene with more imaginative thinking (other camera angles/close ups and better fight choreography) and more creative awareness to detail and realism. It's like they didn't even try or want to make that scene realistic for the viewers. There was a scene in The Departed when DiCaprio beats up a couple of guys in a grocery store, it was done right, it was filmed in a very convincing and realistic manner. Scorsese knows how to film believable and brutal fight scenes....but, for whatever reason, he failed do that with the beating of the grocery clerk. I completely agree with every word in your second sentence. It was still an incredible movie despite the cgi nonsense. View all replies >