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Anyone else find jadedness to be toxic/stressful? Perfume/scents/colognes are a turn-off Sadly jumped the shark (or might soon)? Has anyone here heard of Murdoch Mysteries? Is this ever aired live..... Money issues portrayed by the show.... Anyone else hate the "tall = basketball player" assumption? Too contrived or cliched? Anyone else annoyed by certain procrastinators? Tom Selleck impression from the dog? View all posts >


Hmm ... Interesting way of putting it. I guess when you put it that way it does make sense -- at least in some cases. I suppose my "fast" was that the faster you snap back the better things are bound to be than digging yourself out of a hole. I agree (even as multiple periods), but not everyone falls so far down the rabbit hole of insurmountable ill/woes. I think it's all about how fast you can pick yourself back up mentally -- and avoiding becoming engrossed in a "toxic mold" of helplessness/stuck in bad situations/etc. This is how I see the issues with some correlations such as crime/jailing, depression/anxiety, stressful/dysfunctional family situations and etc. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy of stress, pain, inadequacy, ignorance, etc. -- it feeds off of its own effects and then recycles them. I know it isn't all mental, but the mind is very powerful in outlook/perception. From what I gather people believe in God as a way to keep positive and have faith/hope/etc. (among other reasons) I have nothing against it -- I too believe in keeping positive and having faith/hope/etc. for myself and others. I mean the specific believing in God part is probably more complex than what I'm letting on here, but the general idea and emotional investment makes perfect sense. I think many people want hope/to be happy, but fall short and become jaded or such for a multitude of reasons. I don't consider myself as someone who particularly believes in God, but nothing seems unusual about the specific reasons people would strongly support/believe in a God aligning with positivity and such. Unusual as in numbers? Not really since -- as I said -- I think most people want to have positivity and hope, even if they don't. Believing in God I don't think makes anyone "stupid" or "crazy" either and I don't judge people for it -- but the intricacies that surround it I don't always necessarily agree with, even if the gist of it is generally positive and from a good place. I used to like the fast food/street food/restaurant experiences in the past, but not anymore. Too much junk/crap that wears on you health wise over time -- it's better to avoid that stuff all but at some infrequent splurges maybe. The other bad thing is that this stuff makes a bad habit -- it's like you create a junk food self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. I still eat "street food" but make sure to get enough vitamins/minerals/etc. to more than make up for the dietary downfall. Yeah, but I think jaded has a higher chance of being apathetic someday. In other words one is like the beginning stage of evolving in to the other possibly. It is like a dark tunnel that starts off with stress/anger and just gradually leads to blunting emotions more and eventually tuning out almost completely in some cases. I guess some people adapt to things like this because they don't find any other way to resolve or see through the emotional/mental issues and stress, which is why I like to keep my "mental doors" open more to avoid getting stuck in those circles/that mindset too much. Growing up around stress made me habitually inclined to have to endure it (what can a kid do?). People can get used to pain and deal with it as it endlessly pummels them -- that doesn't make it a good thing though. People can also cope with pains using drugs and etc. and never find solutions. What I don't like is how some people settle in and just accept their place; adopt bad attitudes/toxic behaviors and such; and just become broken people who seemingly give up on trying to do anything in life other than drugs/consumption. Being around that mentality harbors no change or growth in life. It sticks to me because I've been around it so long and grew up around it -- but I always make effort to go past it/not let it suck me in too far. There are cases of formerly very positive people claiming to feel dragged down/demotivated/depressed when being around certain people too long -- so I don't think if you feel affected by something of said nature that means you are of that nature inherently or such. As to why it doesn't rub off on negative people? Because there is likely a correlation between being closed-minded more along that same mentality. I don't think apathetic/jaded/etc. people tend to be very open-minded or else why would some they feel their situation is fixed and nothing is worth anything? That doesn't sound very open-minded to me, but I accept I could be wrong/misunderstand some elements in the complexities here. It is harder to influence negative/sullen than to influence positive/energetic. I don't want to be negative and maybe no one does, but environment and stress and a whole host of other factors can lead to such attitudes and lifestyles. My concerns are more with what people choose to do and reach out for in any given situation or such -- not so much at blaming everyone specifically for their mindset like they are intrinsically "bad" for it or such (but that doesn't mean I enjoy it or think it is necessarily good). First of all I never said I didn't acknowledge or failed to realize what drives people to said place. My post is about the toxic-ness of people and I wasn't attacking anyone per se. I know hard times and bad situations and stress -- I've been through plenty of that myself. My point was that -- despite the tough stuff -- I didn't adopt this crappy defeatist attitude and similar lines of thinking. I went through lots of stress and still somehow managed to get past it and continue with more positivity than destructive/carelessness, whereas others sometimes learn to be in a place of ill and stress. I wouldn't want to adapt myself to a bad environment -- I'd want to get out of and make a more suitable one. What irks me is people who give up, but I don't always blame them like it is entirely their fault -- just that being around said dark viewpoints of everything just creates darkness for everyone. If one doesn't want to or has no desire to truly not be toxic and defeatist that is their problem -- but I realize the effects things can have on everyone from the bigger picture. Everyone has their own story you can say, but where they end up and how they end up has some degree of control on them, good or bad. I don't want to judge anyone, but toxic negativity/etc. affects me and that is the point. I think some people just throw on whatever as per some kind of social fulfillment, i.e., "this is my smell" or "I am this smell." They might not even have any real smells they like, but just settle on whatever they grew accustomed to as how they imagined they would present themselves with said scents/self-image/maybe even social status/etc. The "old people perfume" or such definitely has a ring to it though -- not sure what it is about that though. I know the only "scents" if you call it that I'd wear normally would come from very mild cocoa butter maybe. Good point about the food ones -- those are scents that tend to seem more natural/pleasant at least, like vanilla/fruits/etc. I often don't mind those or might even find some good maybe, but most people don't seem to wear those vs. mainstream musk/floral/amber-like stuff. Also, I'd prefer someone smelling like certain foods than like a tree/wood/odd combination of other smells. Good point. Yeah, I didn't even begin to think of being around those kind of heavy scents when eating. Also -- as with any kind of smoking -- being in the vicinity of this stuff and breathing around it means you're ingesting that stuff as well, like second-hand smoke somewhat. Not so much a noticeable problem with light stuff, but those you can smell like 10+ feet away strongly...... View all replies >