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Jason Statham Is Weak The basement at the ending.. What a crappy gun Message: Hebrew god is secretly Satan Dark Phoenix was weak Dog killed 3 full grown men, Woman fought him off.. Actors not Italian enough, and bad casting Depth Charges.. The Jews Played Italians and the Italians Played Jews View all posts >


Are you secretly Jason Statham? you sound like it. How about this. The Rock could kick Jason Statham's ass. That should settle this discussion. So because they are a similar age, Jason Statham is not weak and decrepit by comparison? What an idiotic contribution to the discussion you just made. My fundamental point still stands. You're describing the character. Not the actor, who cannot be more agile, intelligent, or dangerous than Dwayne That's what I'm saying. And you can see his frailty through the clothing. Bloomin croikey mate The dog was ON TOP OF HER in the car, and somehow she kicked it out of the car.. 2 of the men, same situation, mauled instantly. Never stood a chance. I don't think the superhero shit you are talking about could give her that much extra power. Yes. They are physically much weaker than men. Are you stupid? Is your period key broken? I saw parts 2 and 3 shortly after this one, and his wife is even MORE of a manipulative controlling brow-beating bitch. Is this supposed to be the ideal male-female relationship in China? if so, I feel sorry for Chinese men. Haha that was the worst line ever. Then Swayze responded in a frustrated tone, 'maybe I dono THATS NOT WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT' in a frustrated tone, as if even he smelled a cop :/ View all replies >