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This makes a lot of sense, and adds to the tragedy of the final few hours in the mall. Tearing down men to prop up women by making all the male characters incompetent or a-holes and the female characters strong & independent with little to no character flaws (arguably Laurie is an exception due to her psychological issues, but her paranoia ultimately pays off at the end when all the female characters lay waste to Michael). It’s a run-of-the-mill example of modern Hollywood forcing a feminist agenda into an established franchise. Yeah I genuinely thought it was going to be Michael Myers takes a cruise, like Jason Takes Manhattan with that stupid title! It’s a clumsy part of the story for sure. I don’t know why John Carpenter didn’t just have Smiths Grove be within ten or fifteen miles of Haddonfield instead of 150 so that it was plausible for Michael to make his way there on foot. I guess the scene where he escapes the hospital would be less dramatic but still... I highly doubt this. Even if it was an actor in makeup, CGI was used to enhance it. It’s immediately obvious with the fake-looking lighting and movements. There is no bigger atmosphere-killer in a horror film than obvious CGI, and this one was ravaged by it. Sure, why not. I mean, Disney Star Wars exists in a weird sexless universe so it would be bizarre if there was an actual element of romance or emotion shared between two characters. Unless of course it's between two background women who briefly share a lesbian kiss that will be axed from the film in China because it's great to pander to PC culture in the West but not so much in the East if it will affect your box office takings. Way to be classy, Disney. Both, but Daniel Craig being severely miscast crippled the films before they ever had a chance of getting off the ground. He is not Bond, he's Jason Bourne 2.0. Thank you! Thank you Strangenstein! Lol. Yep, no putting-down-of-men necessary. I won't be paying to see the sequels, that's for sure. Well I'm actually a woman and can't stand any of this forced 'wokeness' in movies but whenever I speak up on the subject I'm accused of having 'internalized misogyny' or of trying to impress the boys by being a 'contrarian'. That's the biggest insult from the type that applaud this pandering, if I as a millennial girl don't buy this patronising rubbish I must be being influenced by a man. I've had to argue for my views for years now but am I getting tired of it? No way. Not until my message is heard loud & clear- pandering PC woke trash will never appeal to me. I don't want 'representation' on-screen. I want fleshed-put, relatable and intriguing characters regardless of sex, race, age or whatever box these PC weirdos want to pigeonhole people in. And I am definitely not in the minority here. I'm sick of being insulted and talked-down to by Hollywood because of my sex. View all replies >