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Ghostbusters 2016 all over again also featuring Chris Hemsworth Stop trying to make her happen! It only took 10 years for them to make another bad xmen film since xmen origins wolverine Another movie where having a boyfriend is seen as a weakness Why do people go see a movie they know will offend them just to be offended and walk out? The worst Harry Potter ever made The real true Star Wars saga ending Will this work without Walter? Cry baby book fans get over how the show ended already Songs are sung by friends and family in the movie View all posts >


Well this movie seem to forget what happened in apocalypse lol: quicksilver magnetos son? Nah let’s not mention that!,jean already having dark Phoenix powers to kill apocalypse?,nah let’s forget and not mention that and have her get her powers in space for the first time instead Yes I also saw this article and it was the reason I posted this and it reminded me about the reaction for the house that jack built Ha ha :p Yes exactly just a reason to ruin somebody’s hard film making work,there are simmiler “outraged” audience members that saw the house that jack built knowing it was about a serial killer and still said they walked out,I guess a serial killer movie was not sugar coated enough Or news reports that say : audiences walked out of “movie” due to being offended and stuff like that Some audience reviews you read giving it it 1 out of 10 because the scenes offended them and say they walked out for example Yes well most of the songs are sung by the friends and family in the movie as it is a musical similar to mama Mia and stuff like that,Elton only sings about 20% of the songs himself and only during story relivevent moments I hated that only 2 or 3 songs at the most where Infront of a crowd of people and the rest where used just to move the story along or in conversations Don’t expect you favourite songs with him singing to a crowed tho as the songs are used in conversations/musical numbers to move the story along mabey 2 or 3 songs are in front of a crowed of people Are you still daddies little girl? Lol View all replies >