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"Chopper coming in" "It's him" Biggest flaw of this film Misconception: "stormtroopers suck" "Another Strawman" Debunked The "haters just wanted Joker" fallacy Doubling down and false claims of debunking The mystery behind the clone army Not Very good Why did The Humungus Kamikaze himself? multiple hidden weapons (extended disarm) cliche One of the few movies I can remember very little about Unbearably terrible/annoying Seemed like a stupid plot Woody and Buzz were too incompetent (weak/pathetic, however you want to put it) Just watched it: My take Is it worth seeing? IMO I still hate TFA the most Some other stuff D&D 'kind of forgot about' Gus hires a hit squad? Come on, really Watched it the other day, my take