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How the studios allow this thing to happen? What you have read of him and what is you opinion about it I dont get it, why the hate? Damn naggers "a modern day renaissance woman" WTH that even mean? This guy must be the retarded nephew of somebody A guy with a face like that and nobody suspected he was a F** pervert? Before judging this guy for his action, think about this. You ask for diversity and representation and this is what you do when you get it If he end in jail, should he be worried on the showers? The true about the Weinstein accusers Similar movies: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nope People calling him cuck all the time is kinda unfair Serioulsy bro? Wasn't this guy black last week? How many Eric Adams exist in this universe? Why no a show about Cobain and Love? The irony Why this movie is always trendy in MC?