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Not digitally remastered yet? This is what ruined the credibility of the show for me You just have been Deadpoonized View all posts >


Ok thank for that information, well that explained all Under your logic if the KKK leader go to Tanzania there he stop of being racist, because there he is a minority in a position of societal disadvantage and racism is determinate by your location and not your ideas See, you are a moron and your argument is just stupid babler that racist people tell then self to no admit they are racist "Chappelle and all of these morons like Sarah Silverman aren't getting it" Well at least they this professional comedians with decades of expereince in the fields and millions of fans around the world and huge level of succes are lucky enough to hear what a expert like you have to say about how they have to do their work Jesus this is like me going to a hospital and pretend educate doctors about how they need to do their job This especial was funny as F and i understand is not the cup of tea from some people wich is fine but you need to be humble enough to understand you dont speak for the majority a lot of people thinks is funny and laugh with this especial and all this buzz some whiny idiots who can take a simple joke are making are just making him more visible and i can predict new rounds of special from this dude and new contracts he still in the game and more conected with reality than much millenials and PC groups who claim to be the new voice of what people should be allowed to do and say Since the video of her gettin out from Homelander office i suspect could be consensual she was to calm, some people would say some rape victim are too much in shock to show any emotion inmediatly and to those i would respond this is a fictional history and everything that is show to us is product of a creative and narrative decision from the director and screenwritter in that scene the director at least put the seed of the doubt in us about what could happen in there, and dont forget Homelander say "she cum 3 times" and in any moment he talk about it like was a rapped and this guy is a monster but he knows what he is doing he just dont give a f so i dont think he is delusional about what happen in that office with butcher wife was conssensual Dont over think about is just a comedy all that happen happens for comedy purposes and because the writters need it, Al rejecting Peg have not sense and even less sense have the fact he is able to sustain a family of four without include the dog with a shoe seller salary, but is funny the dinamic and situations that born from those nonsensical facts LOL ¿WTH are you talking about? you can't have any of those diseases just from share the same air with a porn star Use the word hot to described a child is really weird bro View all replies >