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This guy must be the retarded nephew of somebody A guy with a face like that and nobody suspected he was a F** pervert? Before judging this guy for his action, think about this. You ask for diversity and representation and this is what you do when you get it If he end in jail, should he be worried on the showers? The true about the Weinstein accusers Similar movies: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nope People calling him cuck all the time is kinda unfair Serioulsy bro? Wasn't this guy black last week? View all posts >


If I have millions of followers (most of them nutjobs) and show a video of you and I accuse you of being a crisis actor, of working for the government to eliminate civil rights, that is no a call to harass you? Besides, you shouldn't publicly accuse anyone of anything without evidence and then pretend nothing can happen because you are only saying what you think and that make you untouchable. No freedom is absolute, that include the freedom of speech Left Kow alone, can't you see he's grumpy because he's having his male period? DiCaprio touch your private parts or something? I don't understand That guy is a clown, but some people believe he's legit when he talks about interdimensional portals and rich people drinking baby's blood and weird shit like that. He accused by name a lot of people of being crisis actors, without solid evidence only suppositions, you imagine lost a family member and some asshole calling you a liar (only for ratings) and because of that some virgins morons start to harassing you, just because you didn't cry convincingly in front of the cameras? Shady shit happen the government lie to people all that is true, but this moron make everybody who question the power look like a lunatic because regular people who only trust the traditional media see him like the embodiment of alternative journalism because he's the one who talks louder and get more attention. If there is a conspiracy, it must be this fat turd working for the elite to ridiculize alternative media <blockquote>I ALSO DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YAOI STUFF IS</blockquote> Yeah right Is a porn star but you wouldn't know anything about her because you just watch Yaoi stuff She's a hot MILF not Lisa Ann type of hot but hot never the less More complex the movie biggets the suspend of disbelief to enjoy it, if you present an argument as complex as a virtual reality create by machines to use us as a form of eenrgy after we lost a war against them after a series of conflict we create and scalate into an open confrontation" of course is going to ahve plot holes and some times thing happen because the movie need them to happen and if not the plot dont advance All this questions are just stupid is a work of fiction "do you really believe a good movie would have take the time to respond all those question? because that would be the most boring piece of trash full of the most unnatural exposition dialogue, and better yet, are the response of this question necessary or fundamental to enjoy or understand the movie? basically every sci-fi or fantasttic work of fiction is going to have a lot of question without anwser if you dismantle the plot like this post do, and that doesnt make it a bad story. Or should we also ask why Sauron dint put an army of troll around mount doom? why he extended his hand to grab Isuldur instead of just kill him? God danm it, why he create the ring in the first place? Sauron is a Maiar he's already inmortal as Gandalf but way more powerfull he doesnt need the ring, with the ring he create a way of being destroy, those are bigger question and the anwser is simple he do all those stupid things because the movie need to him to do that, we need things to happen to put the real plot in motion and the writter need to create a reason to things to happen quckly to no drag the runtime to eternity Sauron need to be defeated in order to the real movie start and the hobbits need to conclude their journey to the movie to finish if he doesnt do that we wouldnt have a movie. All your questions have a simple anwser bro IS A F*** MOVIE!! Was a shame we loose the Blomkamp version for the shitty Soctt trilogy just hope this guy can make his version of it wihout problem Evil dead and Dont breathe were awesome movies View all replies >