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Hahaha yes!!!! This movie was garbage :( Just watched it for the first time after originally watching it in 98, 21 years ago! And I found it entertaining and fast paced, with good acting and cast. One of the more underrated action flicks from the 90s for sure. They'd need to apply the same formula for the antidote - assemble a team of cliched/known monster hunters to fight and defeat the ancient ones. So Van Helsing, Constantine, Selene from Underworld, Milla Jojovich's Alice from Resident Evil, Godzilla, Buffy, a bunch of superheroes and others to assemble a team, along with an army of special forces. Will never happen, but it's nice to dream haha Red would do anything for the cargo (but he won't do that) That's libtard to you I agree. I'm not into anime and didn't think it would be all that, esp. after seeing the trailer (I knew nothing about the character / series). But I was pleasantly surprised, just like I was when I watched Valerian and the city of a thousand planets. The main character was actually very likeable, the teen romance thing wasn't off putting and it was very engaging emotionally for such an action oriented movie. Hell, even the female empowerment theme was done so subtly that it wasn't obnoxious, over the top and forced like with Captain Marvel / Brie Larson. 8.5/10, highly recommend. Captain Marvel had the very unlikeable Brie Larson in it, plus it was the weakest of the Marvel SH movies to date. Shazam is definitely better. I still had a few problems with this movie tho - the final fight scenes were too dragged out and it was a little annoying to see them talk so much (and try to inject some lame humor) in between punching each other. They could've made that part a little more serious and just make it a full on action scene like Supes vs Zod in Man of Steel. DC needs to make Man of Steel 2 next and then do a Justice League movie with a more serious Shazam in it. Probably won't happen, but I'd like to dream haha. Not hot, zero charisma and looks like she rolled outta bed and just came to school without brushing her hair or any sort of preening lol - no idea why she was chosen for the role. I heard she's also been cast as Chani in the new Dune movie, which has already lowered my excitement in waiting for it. Ditto for Ruby Rose :( Your answer doesn't address my question, it's just an argumentative reply and a cop out. I only wanted to know if it was explained how the consciousness transfer takes place between the gel bed and the Avatar body. The movie talks about how the person's DNA has to match the avatar to make them compatible, but goes no further. Yes, it's Sci-fi and it can be left unexplained etc., but I thought maybe it was discussed somewhere like in a "Making of" type video or book or whatever. I really hated Bran's, "Why do you think I came all this way?" reply. Made it seem like he could see the future as well as the past or the present in any location, when they never mentioned seeing the future before. I get that he could maybe see flashes of it in visions at the most, kinda like the Red lady. View all replies >