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Never Mind,Because I Just Found Out That It Was Stephen Meadows Playing The Bad Guy,That Went Off Of The Cliff At The End Of It. Nothing Yet? Before You Answer This,I Just Want To Let You Know That In Those Pictures That Show Her,At Least,Attempting To Fit Into Those Jeans,My Guess,Just So You Know,Is That If She Puts On A Pair Of Pantyhose,That Goes All The Way Up To Her Belly,Before She Puts On Those Jeans,Then When She Puts On Those Jeans,She Will Easily Be Able To Pull Them All The Way Up,Like If Nothing Is Blocking Them. I Looked Everywhere For An American DVD Copy Of This Movie & I Found Nothing. What Did Someone Put Into The Seat Of Her Underwear,To Give It The Appearance Of A Man's Private Parts For That Stripped Down Scene? What Do You Mean? Can You Or Anyone Else Find The Advertisement,That I Described At The Top Of This Post? No Ideas? What Do You Mean? No Ideas? View all replies >