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They don't have to be tall or in shape. They'll gang up on you and shoot you and then go after your family. You on the other hand run your fat mouth on the internet. It was a travesty to cancel this Nudity wouldn't have been appropriate here. Average to below average. Blame Bezos. 7 years? He looked fine 3 months ago. The fans and media were brutal to him following his early retirement and now he looks like an elderly Jewish man. Rapid aging for the once great Colts signal caller. They'll get it on in Detroit next week. I like Dallas to take that game in a squeaker. Gay sex, tranny sex, iv drug use and sex with whore women. Why do we care about all this? This is about Hamilton He IS older now Eddie Fatlong Phillip Seymour Hoffman, annoying loud fat guy My eyes are gettin weary, back is gettin tight, sitting here in traffic on the QUEENSBOROUGH BRIDGE TONIGHT!!!!' What did you think of PSH in this? Gay. Most Englishmen are gay. Rip. He did enjoy his smoking so not a total surprise Neal made a lot of bad decisions in this film. He never should have tried to make the 6, for one thing. His colleague probably took the 8 and got home. Terrible customer service. Collectors item. Looks Arab.